Poll: Fading support for War in Afghanistan

From ABCNews:

The latestABC News/Washington Post poll
found that a startling 45 percent of Americans said they do not think
the war in Afghanistan is worth fighting, despite the 9/11 terrorist
attacks, which provoked the war in the first place.


Fifty-one percent of Americans now say that the U.S. military effort in
Afghanistan has been unsuccessful, up from 24 percent in fall 2002.

Only 44 percent of Americans consider the war in Afghanistan a success, down from 70 percent in 2002.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Fading support for War in Afghanistan

  1. Obama and McCain finally found something to agree on: Afghanistan is where the real war’s at! While McCain still wants to fight in Iraq some more, Obama thinks Iraq is totally last year’s war and we should just throw everything we have at Afghanistan. Regardless of what they think of Iraq, the verdict is in. Afghanistan is the war to watch!
    How must Iraq feel to be yesterday’s quagmire? If only these two chaotic regions could talk…

  2. Anyone who really believed OBL was in Afghanistan was a bigger schmuck than should be allowed byhalakha. Thanks for getting us Canucks into your dirty little war, you morons.

  3. Wow, did we ever succeed in Afghanistan. We went there to …to…something or other…and…to allow Afghani women to be free of Sharia. We accomplished all of those goals, except perhaps the last one.

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