CJR Needs You

I know we’ve got some ex-journos here, thanks to last weekend’s discussion thread, so go tell Columbia Journalism Review what you think.

I’m just gonna mail them a copy of my book. I kept starting to write a response, something about how refreshing it is to have employers who don’t view lying to you as “Tuesday,” or who don’t openly steal from the company and then patronize you when you get pissed about it, something about how awesome that is, but I keep getting distracted by having said it a thousand times already.

Plus “Fire the fucking consultants and burn the focus group reports and turn your fucking police scanners back on” is such an uncivil thing to say.


4 thoughts on “CJR Needs You

  1. Whiner.
    By the way, I have millions of dollars in assets I am unable to claim due to my present condition as a political exile *cough cough*. If you would agree to wire me your bank account information and hold these assets in escrow, the rewards for your assistance in this matter will be considerable.

  2. Um, yo, Lord Blech of Crossborder, shouldn’t that be “harbour”? 😉

  3. In my own rarefied world, there is no time for “u,” impudent colonist.

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