I Hereby Apologize

To everyone I’ve done this to about Galactica.

Imagine, for example, that you are at a party. Someone says, “OMG, have you seen Firefly?” And then you say, “Yeah, I watched it. I thought it was pretty-” and they’re already off and running, talking about how great it was, and then other people come over, and they all circle jerk about how fantastic the show is and OMG LETS QUOTE LINES AND SING VERSE AFTER VERSE OF THAT SONG ABOUT JAYNE BEING A HERO BECAUSE UR NOT A TROO FAN UNLESS YOU HAVE IT MEMORIZED!!!11!!!1! And you’re kind of like, “Yeah, um, it’s a good show,” but now you’re subjected to endless fangurl/boi squeeing.

Alternately, having not seen it, when they say, “OMG, have you seen Firefly,” and you said, “No, I haven’t, I’m really not intere-” and they’re off and running with “OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT I WILL LOAN YOU MY DVDS IF YOU SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES YOU WILL TREAT THEM BETTER THAN YOUR OWN CHILDREN.” And you’re kind of like, “I have lived my life this long without seeing it and feel no gaping void in my soul, so thanks, but no thanks.”

Because I get it. I do. This is how I feel about the Beatles, The Sopranos, and Jesus.


19 thoughts on “I Hereby Apologize

  1. Oh Gawd. I don’t know the words to “Man Named Jayne”, but aside from that, I am this person when it comes to Firefly. I’ve been trying to get my brother to borrow our dvds for months. And I’d be this way about BSG too, but all my friends are still “getting caught up” and do that shreiky “No spoilers!” thing whenever the subject comes up. And my husband just isn’t into tv. *Sigh*… I think I need to work on being a better person.

  2. Yeah, but Firefly is way better than Jesus and the Sopranos. Which come to think of it would be a pretty cool name for a band.
    btw, it was extremely awesome meeting you in Chicago. If your book tour ever brings you to North Carolina, give me a buzz and we’ll gladly put you up.

  3. I bought my mother the DVDs to both Firefly and BSG (Season 1 *and* Seasons 2 & 2.5).
    Luckily, she loved them all.
    Does this make me a bad person, or just an OCD daughter with uncanny similarities to my mother?

  4. Can Buggy adopt me as a mother> ( Me being the mother) Because I’ve never seen BSG or Firefly.
    But I do love “LOST” and “HEROS” and David Tennant as “Dr Who”, “Torchwood” and “Robin Hood” all on BBCAmerica. (And I’m quite fond of “Top Gear” and like “Not Going Out” And I think I’m gonna totally dig the new “Primeval” in August.
    So, yea, every Friday night when you post a “BSG” item, I’m lost.So, I get this post. I just wish you would dig on the same shows I do. (It’s called affirmation, baby.”

  5. After watching the entire BSG thing i am now positive the whole event is greasing the war machine along. I would not toot too much for this particular bit of war porn.

  6. Dee, I haven’t had the time to dive into Who, but I love me some cheeseball Robin Hood, that’s for sure. Did you notice this week they actually dressed Marian in marginally period-appropriate clothing?

  7. Firefly would have been a lot, lot better without the forced Westernisms; the movie was much better in comparison because of the focus on the political/sci-fi elements (and the addition of Chiwetel Ejiofor, with whom you see the kind of quantum difference between filmic and TV acting).

  8. Hee! Dee Loralei, I’d love to, but I can only afford so many DVD sets at a time. And I still have to get my mom hooked on Dr. Who and Torchwood (omg, Jack Harness makes me melt into a large geeky puddle, and double omg, I’m so sad about last season’s ending).
    I haven’t gotten hooked on Robin Hood yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  9. I would not toot too much for this particular bit of war porn.

    Wow, you’re really good at looking beyond the surface. Can I hang out with you and play Twister? Please?!
    If you like the same things I like, that’s cool. If you don’t, whatever.

  10. Actually, I find the opposite far more annoying.
    That is, people who are 100% certain that a certain show, movie, book or band must suck balls just because they’ve never been interested in it.

  11. David Tennant also makes one hell of a Casanova. Just sayin’.
    Plus, people can now go to hulu.com to get their Firefly fix and/or send others to see what the OMFG is all about without having to lend out the DVDs. BSG is on there, too.

  12. I thought you were apologising for the Galactica thread on last Friday, and the glee it spawned in me that there must be a new episode… only to have my glee fromed then crushed by your capricious whims!
    darn you Athenae! darn you straight to heck!

  13. Lorelai, Robin Hood was surpeisingly good (except the growing cheezy factor in later episodes). You and I watch the same stuff. Try ‘Slings and Arrows’ from CBC (Canadia), I’ve heard great things.

  14. That is, people who are 100% certain that a certain show, movie, book or band must suck balls just because they’ve never been interested in it.

    or the people who guffaw when you mention “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and look at you like they feel sorry for you.

  15. What is this “Buffy” of which you speak? BSG introduced Dirk Benedict to a wider world. Therefore, it is one of The Grails (You know there are three, right?). I also liked the spring-loaded teddy bear/android. Television should entertain. Evidently BSGII is entertaining (haven’t seen it, sorry) — is Olmos good in it? It can read as war porn, but what can’t, except the stuff you find in a Harlequin romance? The A-Team was war porn. Good clean fun — as close to slapstick as you can get, with gunpowder — but war porn nonetheless. JAG came awfully close, even if it was supposed to be a Law-and-Order clone in uniform.
    I’m an SG-1 fan (Richard Anderson seasons — Ben Browder only wishes he was that tuff), and I love me some Mitch Pileggi, so I’m watching SG:A. No war porn there, eh? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhht.
    I did think that X-Files rocked. You want a SF show that SUCKED? M.A.N.T.I.S. “Dark Angel” brought the world Michael Weatherly, so it didn’t completely suck. Just mostly.
    I loved Firefly because it was — in the same sense as the first Star Wars movie, 31 years ago — a Western. A fun, space Western. With Nathan Fillion, who could *be* Han Solo. And unlike Harrison Ford, Nathan Fillion can SING.
    But I will squee all night over NCIS and that 1998-2000 television classic, “The Magnificent Seven.” (Not so much with the Yul Brynner movie, but the George Kennedy sequel was fun — kinda like Viva Max! was fun.)
    Dale Midkiff. Eric Close. Ron Perlman (remember him as Vincent, in Beauty and the Beast BEFORE it was a Disney movie?). Real live horses.
    What’s not to love? And then, to put the cherry on top, they bring in Napoleon Solo himself to be the Judge. (Much like having Illya Kuryakin on NCIS, that; except David McCallum’s been more kindly treated by the passing years.) I wasn’t a Biehn fan, and thought Worthy too Pillsbury-Doughboy-looking, actually, for his part; but I was charmed by JD as Andrew Kavovit brought him to life. Anthony Starke plays a fine gambler, too, and it was fun to see the West on TV again. Did it need to be that scruffy and over-powered, when it came to explosions? Quien sabe. At least it wasn’t the stomach-turning dreck of all those “Lonesome Dove” remakes. McMurtry has a lot to answer for, but TLJ saved his bacon — that script was THE turkey of a decade.) The bummer was, of course, that they didn’t get anybody off The Young Riders to give the “Seven” horseback / pistolero tips…Biehn’s “quick draw” is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I used to teach pistol shooting to the US Army Reserves in Louisiana.
    Also, HTLJ. Not X:WP. (Although I kinda liked the little blonde girl from Houston; before it was over she was kickin’ butt. I just thought the writing was strained/lame.) And if you want fangirl … heh … ask me about Sons of Thunder, the WTR spinoff, or The Lone Gunmen.
    Holdin’ my breath for the next season of Eureka, yo.
    (And those clods with “Flashpoint” and “The Unit” can … kiss my sweet Aunt Fanny.)
    Didn’t care for the last incarnation of “Robin Hood,” but that Three Musketeers thing on ION TV with Boxleitner wasn’t awful.
    Hmm. Wonder if I watch too much TV?
    (What, the third Holy Grail? Easy. B-5, as written by J. Michael Straczynski. (YKYWTMB5 when you can spell JMS’s full name.)

  16. Oh, Other Sarah, you just made my year. I thought I was the only person who remembered The Young Riders with any fondness. Cheesy beyond belief, but Josh Brolin? Oh my.
    And I loved JAG for what Mac could have been and occasionally was. Heck, it was Maeve’s Jagnik Central that introduced me to the joys–and dangers–of message boards. I don’t know that I would have gotten into blogtopia if it hadn’t been for that early exposure to a fan community.
    Finally, trust me, you aren’t watching too much TV until you’ve gotten hooked on a Baywatch spinoff. [hides head in shame] I just thought Angie Harmon’s character was cool–at least until they tried to make it an X-Files clone.
    God, I’m such a geek.

  17. Josh Brolin was ok. I liked Yvonne Suhor and Gregg Rainwater, myself … altho The Kid wasn’t bad to look at.
    Also they had that guy — Teaspoon — who used to be The Villain in every western out there (Anthony Zerbe). Not too shabby to see him be not a bad guy after all; and Brett Cullen wasn’t bad-looking, back in the day.
    Mac rocked — whatever happened to that clock she had in her head? And her Farsi? But I confess, I loved Bud Roberts best.

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