Happy Birthday Office Cubicle

It’s the40th anniversary of the Office Cubicle this month.

The cubicle celebrates its 40th birthday this month. A party is unlikely.

What’s to celebrate? The cubicle office system is one of the most derided realities of modern work life.

True dat…just ask this guy:

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane – Watch morefree videos

BTW–No cubicles were truly harmed…video is afake

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Office Cubicle

  1. And some people thought Office Space was just a movie!
    with 15 pieces of flair…

  2. I knew that the video was fake from the way that the other people reacted. I actually was in an office with cubes when one guy lost it. It was scary.
    I saw the movie Wanted. It really was sick and it had a sickness in is world view that springs from the “values” of the Bush era. The movie suggests that killing people in for immoral reasons is okay because it’s your destiny. And that if you have the killing skills you have to use them.
    His identity was passed down from his father, but he gets the whole point wrong.
    I don’t want to take the metaphor any farther, but I think the writer wasn’t doing this consciously but thinking “What would make a male who feels helpless great.” Hot babe, special skills that are unleashed and ACTION. The fact that he asks about WHY he has to kill leads him to some destiny clap trap that turns out is manipulated anyway.

  3. And guess what I do for a living…? Yeah, I design cube farms on a daily basis…sure it pays the bills, but now you know why I want to pursue cake art and other creative pursuits and escape the cube!!!
    If you think folks that only work in cubes have a low threshold, imagine what never-getting-away-from-them-evah will do to one?
    Granted, I have been doing it so long, there’s no chance of my doing this – but WHEN this economy recovers (it has to, doesn’t it? Please?) and I bust out w/my cake studio, I will be rather giddy to bid farewell to Dilbertville!!!*
    *all First Drafters will get a discount on the first cakes ordered… 😉

  4. I guess I’ve gotten used to my little square of hell…shoot, with previous jobs, my space on the cube farm was more like a veal box. Sigh.
    All that’s left is to admit I love Big Brother…no! no! no!…

  5. Office cubes aren’t bad (especially the low ones). It’s the artificial fluorescent lights, awful corporate culture, and asshole bosses that are killer. Jobs with good co-workers are good jobs. Jobs with asshole co-workers are crap jobs. The cubes are harmless.

  6. For what it’s worth, Elspeth, I kinda liked our CubicleLand. The only problem I had with it was the reason it was created. Those of us moving in from another office had gotten together with the folks already there, and had come up with a plan that would have given everyone an office with four walls. But the asshole boss running things at the time decided to assert his authority and show all of us peons that only the bigwigs got four real walls.
    If he hadn’t been such a dick about it, we probably would have all been fine. (Well, except for his creepy tendency to call the single women into his office–alone. Once was enough for me. Nothing overt, mind you, but a really icky vibe. The godawful combover he sported didn’t help.)

  7. it struck me, watching the video, how much a cubicled room resembles a giant playpen. but not the fun kind.

  8. Buggy, oh ICK indeed!!! 🙁
    I have seen some wicked cool cubes in my time and some nasty, wretched ones. I have been in some varying from 4’x 6′ to 8’x 8′ (solo) and in pods w/others. I wish I had a window…sigh.

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