Pedestrian hit by Novak is elderly, homeless


The pedestrian who was struck by syndicated political columnist and
television pundit Robert D. Novak remained in the hospital today but
was sitting up in bed and conversing with a relative and social

After the traffic incident yesterday, police misspelled the
pedestrian’s name and gave the wrong birth year for him. He is
86-year-old Don Clifford Liljenquist, who has no fixed address. Most
recently he has been living at the Emery School Shelter on Lincoln Road
NE. He declined through a family member to be interviewed.

7 thoughts on “Pedestrian hit by Novak is elderly, homeless

  1. I don’t think he’s going to be homeless anymore. (I wonder if John Edwards is busy.)
    Who knew Novacula was a humanitarian?

  2. Wow. This story just keeps getting more and more tragic. First it was thought that the man suffered only minor injuries. Now we find out he’s a homeless octogenarian. Tomorrow he’ll be interviewed and reveal that he was delivering medicine to orphans when he was run down by Novak.

  3. Novacula drives a black Corvette??? Does it have a satin interior and sport three handles on each side?

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