Ray Nagin and The Mystery of The List(s)

Watch this Video. Seriously. It’s laughable.

Contrary to what an angry Ray Nagin says I think WWL’s Lee Zurik knows what he is doing. Investigative Journalism. The Mayor’s problem seems to be Zurik isdoing it.

Last week WWL aired an investigative report on possible irregularities in the list of homes remediated by the New Orleans Affordable Homeownership or NOAH. Mayor Naginslammed WWL for their report claiming it was based on an old intake list.

“The list that counts is the list where we paid for services, and that list was provided to you,” he said.

This week, using that list, WWL airedanother report which raised even more questions.

When I read that piece I jokingly thought to myself maybe Nagin will say there is another list. Nah he couldn’t, it would be laughable. But as you can see from the video Nagin still claims WWL doesn’t have the right list. No wonder Zurik at one point said this is humorous.

E at We Could be Famous blog has more.Jeffrey at Libarary Chronicles has a transcript of the portion of the video where Zurik asks about the 4th highest paid contractor by NOAH, Nagin’s brother-in-law.

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  1. They only ever bitch about the fairness of your journalism when you’ve got them stone cold on something they were trying to hide.

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