DHS sets up its own counterintelligence division


WASHINGTON (AP) — Concerns about foreign spies and terrorists have
prompted the Homeland Security Department to set up its own
counterintelligence division and require strict reporting from
employees about foreign travel, according to a memo obtained by The
Associated Press.


The Homeland Security Department “is vulnerable to adversaries who seek
information about our nation’s homeland defense programs, classified or
unclassified,” Secretary Michael Chertoff wrote in the Aug. 4 memo to
employees obtained by AP.


In his memo, Chertoff instructs that employees must tell a special
security officer about any planned foreign travel. When the employee
returns, the employee should report “any real or possible contacts with
foreign intelligence services, terrorists or foreign criminal
enterprises.” This reporting, Chertoff says, will protect department
employees who travel abroad.

3 thoughts on “DHS sets up its own counterintelligence division

  1. I thought that after 9/11 that the Chimperor wanted more efficiency – and to do so he brought all the intelligence units together under one umbrella.
    Now even the mini-Chimps are jumping ship.

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