Should be VP. Also president.

Also, maybe, chief justice.


In 2004, I could tell I needed to step back from the Interwebs for a bit when I started to have dreams about John Kerry doing stuff. Yesterday I woke up convinced, absolutely convinced, that since my cell phone was on the fritz I was missing the text message announcing Dodd as Obama’s VP. I think I need sleep.


13 thoughts on “DODD!

  1. Oh, that would just be so cool. God, to have a VP that I actually liked as much as (if not more than) the Prez candidate? I can’t remember when that has happened before. (Yes, Al Gore grew on me, but when he was running in ’92, I thought he was kinda lame.) DODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, if Aragorn were running? OMG. I think my heart would explode. “There may come a day when Democrats quail before Republicans, but it is not This Day!!! THIS DAY WE FIGHT!!!!!!!”

  2. I read something…somewhere … yesterday that actually speculated Dodd on the super secret “real” short list- the one no one really knows about. I was gonna email you.
    dagnabbit- I don’t remember now.

  3. “He’s going to need a vice president that can help him get hislegislative package through the Congress,” Harkin said. “And I can’t think of anyone whocan do it better than Chris Dodd.”
    bom chicka wah wah
    I’m nine

  4. I readily agree that I’d like to see Dodd as Veep. But would he be more effective there or pushing things through Congress?

  5. Maple Street, given that he basically told Congress to blow him over the FISA thing, I dunno how much everybody still loves him. But then, these people can call each other fuckers in public and then pretend to love each other in the next breath, so who the hell knows.

  6. Yea, Dodd or Aragorn or even Viggo Me and Elspeth of the Cloaca have simmilar tastes in men.
    I’d love to see Dodd as AG truly. I think it would be the perfect bookend to his father’s life as well. Can’t you see Dodd going after the war criminals and pursuing crimes against humanity a la Nuremberg just as his father did? I dig that symmetry.
    And A honey, get some sleep, next two weeks are gonna be crazy busy in the crack van!

  7. Barry Hussein has narrowed his VP pick down to one of these honorable individuals:
    — Ludacris (not as “articulate” as the Obamessiah, but oh well)
    — Tony “need any money?” Rezko
    — Oprah “toot my own horn” Winfrey
    — Jeremiah “I hate white people but live in a rich white suburb” Wright
    — William “the bomber of American targets” Ayers
    — Johnny “Taliban” Walker
    and finally…
    — nobody (he is the “chosen one,” after all)

  8. He ain’t gonna offer it to Hillary, and she’s who he needs to win.
    If he offers it to Dodd — and Dodd is half the man I think he is — Congress won’t be the only people Dodd’s told to blow him over FISA.

  9. Heard a long interview with Dodd on an NPR channel. Highly educated, well-spoken, principled, and a clear thinker. Just like Gore, he was all substance and little style, IMO better than America deserves at this point. I would love to see him as VP.

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