Discriminate for Jeebus

Republican Jeebus approves of Bobby Jindal.

But any of us who are sane and decent sure as fuck don’t. Check outthis story at WWL.

An anti-discrimination order put in place by former Governor Kathleen Blanco won’t be renewed by Governor Bobby Jindal.

The order prohibited various sorts of harassment and discrimination at
all state offices, including discrimination by race, sexual orientation
and political affiliation. It expires Friday.

Jindal says discrimination is prohibited under state and federal laws
and he doesn’t want to create additional special categories by
executive order. He also said Wednesday that he worried it could cause
problems with faith-based organizations’ ability to contract with the

The order by Blanco stirred up complaints at the time it was issued.
Conservative groups derided the executive order while gay rights groups
applauded it.

Yeah. What a fuckin’ douche.

So, to review: Governor Bobby Jindal won’t renew an anti-discrimination order because it might keep the state from funneling taxpayer dollars to religious organizations that discriminate left and right. That, and he had another half-ass, contradictory excuse about how it’s already illegal to discriminate, so an executive order isn’t necessary. 

I’m sorry. I think my head just exploded.

I’m sure quite a few of the people who listen to WWL-AM are perfectly happy with this development, though. I think they still carry ten-pounds-of-shit-in-a-five-pound-sack Limbaugh. Is that right, NOLA peeps?

6 thoughts on “Discriminate for Jeebus

  1. i just scratched my balls and thought i had gotten rid of jindal…what’s going on here?

  2. The Federal anti-discrimination laws worked so well in the Bush Justice Department, why would we need anything else?

  3. Over at my blog I mention one other reason why Jindal is absolutely dumb on this issue (or perhaps he thinks we are dumb for not realizing it).
    When Jindal got his panties in a bunch over this issue in 2004, his main reason for complaining was that he wanted religious organizations to be able to discriminate. Blanco responded by reminding Jindal about the Federal law that allows religious groups to discriminate on issues pertaining to their religious beliefs. She reminded Jindal that she cannot override federal law.
    So now that it is 2008, Jindal uses the same excuse (even though he was shown to be wrong 4 years ago).

  4. To their immense credit, WWL “the big” 870am, dropped Rush Limbaugh six or eight months ago. Now 99.5fm carries him and has renamed their station “Rush Radio”. No joke.

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