Fire Us Up

Yeah. I’ve been missing the fun this time around, too. It’s not that I don’t like Obama. It’s not that I’m still pissed that Dodd got so few votes in Iowa (fucking fuckity fuckers)(okay, maybe I’m a little pissed). It’s just … I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling it yet.

Then Teddy Kennedy and Schweitzer and Hillary and Warner and Strickland, and Tammy Baldwin (who did good last night, but needs more major face time on stuff like this) and Janet Napolitano and fucking DENNIS, dude, who should be king, and Michelle and the kids, and even Bob Casey did good. I’m not quite ready to paint my face blue and go wave my foam finger, but it’s only halfway done.

The last eight years have been so tiring, and the last eight months almost more so, and I know people always say to rest when you’re burned out but for me it’s the opposite. The only thing that fixes burnout is either a lot more work, good work, or a big fat fucking party, and we’ve got both going on here in Denver.

I’ll have a longer post about this on Friday but the valuable part of this week is to remind us that we DO stand for great things, and we ARE a terrific party full of awesome politicians, and that no matter what our disappointments and our fears and our anger at one another, we KICK SOME ASS when we all get together.

As a side note, I’ve got photosup here, of people in the tent and stuff around town, and I update it a couple times a day so check it out.


6 thoughts on “Fire Us Up

  1. Across Auraria Parkway from the Pepsi Center is the Auraria Campus (Original Denver was Denver on one side of Cherry Creek and Auraria on the other.) It has three colleges and about forty thousand students. It is a nice campus because it has students during the day and night and does not feel crowded.
    It is too bad you don’t have time to rent a car and go up in the hills. You don’t have to go to far to be overwhelmed by the beauty. I will have been here fifty years come March and am still pleased at the sights. But, I am sure that hotels put you back a pretty penny.

  2. I made a comment previously about the lack of fire in Micheel Obama’s speech. Though no political strategist, I believe if Obama et al pepper their speeches and ads with a bit of fire mixed deftly, then it won’t scare away the old white liberals and swingers. The people who will elect Obama are the most incensed.

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