Hey, Comedy Central Bloggers

Me and Dennis DiClaudio from Indecision 2008 Blog.

I win. Unfortunately:

She added insult to injury by coming out Tuesday night looking great in a blazing orange pantsuit and teaching the precocious pup Obama something about intensity and message. She thanked her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits,” and slyly noted that Obama would enact her health care plan rather than his.

She offered the electrifying fight that the limpid Obama has not — setting off paranoia among some Democrats that they had chosen the wrong nominee or that Obama had chosen the wrong running mate. “It makes perfect sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together in the Twin Cities because these days they are awfully hard to tell apart,” she said.

These people make me so fucking tired.

Hat tip: Gummo.Background on my bet with Indecision 2008’s convention blogger team at the bottom of this post.They post about it here.


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  1. Oh God! Maureen Dowd is sort of hot but actually makes me throw up in my mouth. Smug Right Coast elitist honor student type that made me take to Guinness in the first place. Get over it sister. First, no one looks good in an orange pants suit. It is what transvestite convicts wear. Second, the speech was fine, but I guess she had someone from SNL add the jokes for her. Third, who picked the music for her opening. I hate Lenny Kravitz but even that it too hip for her room. Should have been Celine, My Heart Will Go On, some shit like that. Fourth, Obama hasn’t even spoken yet, so WTF!

  2. From the article:
    “At a meeting of the Democratic women’s caucus Tuesday, 74-year-old Carol Anderson of Vancouver, Wash., a former Hillary volunteer, stood in the back of the room in a Hillary T-shirt and hat signed by Hillary and “Nobama” button and booed every time any of the women speakers mentioned Obama’s name.”
    My dad is 71 years old. We won’t even let him answer the phone anymore, much less speak to the national press. They’d get hours of anecdotes about how Humphrey as a fantastic candidate and that Ladybird Johnson was actually Lyndon B’s sister.
    “She’s voting for McCain and had nothing nice to say about the Obamas. What about the kids, I asked. “Adorable,” she agreed. Well, I said, Michelle raised them.
    “I think her mother does,” Anderson shot back, adding: “I wonder if Michelle would give the Queen one of her little knuckle punches?””
    Queen. Wow. Just…wow. All this is apropos coming from a Opinion Writer who spent most of her time trashing the Hillary campaign.
    Has there been a cohesive report from the Hillary supporters? Have they organized or made any sort of statement regarding last nights speech? I’m not seeing anything in the rags.

  3. i’ve pulled this bit from avedon carol’s the sideshow (http://sideshow.me.uk/saug08.htm#08270058) because it was not something i heard anywhere else and it makes a lot of sense:
    “MoDo asks “Did he fail to absorb the lessons of Vietnam, so that he is doomed to always want to refight it?” The answer would appear to be “probably”, and it may well be because his stint as a POW from late ’67 to early ’73 meant he wasn’t around to appreciate the full context of those lessons when they were being taught. His ‘Vietnam experience’, brutal though it was, was contextually an entirely different experience than that of those who saw – even if only on TV – the assassinations, the marches, the riots, My Lai, the Pentagon Papers, the government killing its own citizens at Kent State and Jackson State, and – night after night, just in time for dinner – young Americans on TV fighting and dying in a war that no longer made any sense.
    “He didn’t see what the Vietnam war was doing to the country and came home to a place far different than it was while he was imprisoned. It seems that, to him, Vietnam was just mismanaged, not a bad idea to begin with…”
    if you don’t read avedon carol’s the sideshow, i recommend it.

  4. NY Post is saying Bill Clinton won’t be attending Obamas acceptance speech:
    ” Bill Clinton’s decision to skip Obama’s speech follows an off-the-cuff remark yesterday that some critics took as a diss of Obama.”
    It will be interesting to see what happens at roll call.
    And yeah, I know it’s The Post..

  5. I was just coming over to see if you’d caught that one.
    And Ghouliani has also said her speech was good for the Repukes.
    Along with CBS saying her body language was saying the exact opposite of her words.

  6. He’s making the rounds – was just on MSNBC spouting the same rhetoric. Inexperienced – Hillary said so – McCains been to south America, etc.
    Of course he fails to mention Republicans track record in south America, e.g. Reagan and Bush Sr.

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