Mariotti Quits, Chicago Rejoices

He’s been a self-aggrandizing, monumentally stupid jackass for years.

Don’t let the door hit you, Jay. And don’t count on a warm reception from the Internets, either. It’s a pack of hyenas out here, and you’re a wounded zebra if I ever saw one. It’s a matter of time before you wind up on the sporto equivalent ofFandom Wank.


7 thoughts on “Mariotti Quits, Chicago Rejoices

  1. Chicago loves to hate Jay which was his role – like a “bad” pro wrestler, though in his case substitute “pompous ass” for bad.
    Just think how much money the Fun Times can save with him gone – his travel budget alone could probably pay for 20 rookie reporters in the suburbs given what they pay those people.
    Will be interesting to see if they fill the hole he leaves or just tighten the paper even further.

  2. Now you know why there was so much cheering when Jay left Denver for the Windy City.

  3. Mariotti is horrible. I can only hope ESPN hires him to add to their stable of suck speeding the end to ESPN’s unhealthy dominance of the sports media.
    OT: I saw Obama doing an interview (on ESPN, d’oh!) and he said he DEFINITELY would be going to the World Series if the Cubs and White Sox make it that far. That would be good timing from a political standpoint, a big national audience at the end of October. Also to Obama’s credit, he took some gratuitous shots at Cub fans.

  4. I’ve been doing some work at the Sun Times as of late (I’m not a journalist – other work) and I assume they’ll either move someone up internally to cover him or drop the column in leiu of whatever ad space they can get. Both the Times & the Tribune are tightening their belts, and are in dire straits. Tribune is up on the selling block, as is their historic building AND the Cubs. I’d imagine the Times isn’t going to be far behind. I’d imagine they’ll be shutting down their auxiliary presses within the next couple years.

  5. “We wish Jay well and will miss him — not personally, of course — but in the sense of noticing he is no longer here, at least for a few days.” … Sun-Times editor Michael Cooke

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