Hurricane Gustav…

It is different waiting and watching Gustav, than it was to do such three years ago with Katrina. Then I sort of knew one person in New Orleans. Now that one person is a dear, dear friend. In three years I have made many more friends. I know what they have been through the past 3 years. I know how hard they have fought to rebuild their homes and save their beloved city. It has been a long struggle in which they have been patient and brave and angry and determined and always still of good humor. Theare New Orleanians.Three years ago I didn’t know what that means. This time I do. And so I have a sick feeling in my stomach and a sadness in my heart knowing they must once again drive away from home, not knowing when they will return or what they will return to. To unbelievably have to face that terrible unknown, once again, all too soon.

Keep New Orleans and the people of New Orleans in your heart and thoughts and prayers and let’s hope…


Here are some links:

Kevin Allman of Best of New Orleans blog writes and has pics of his evacuation to and arrival in Jackson.

Loki of Humid City is audioblogging (First one here andsecond one here) Follow atHumid City blog for more updates.

Ray in New Orleans is twittering updates.Can be read at his blog.

Maitri has a photo of anempty Bourbon Street on Decadence Saturday Night.

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9 thoughts on “Hurricane Gustav…

  1. I don’t know anybody in NOLA and I’ve never been there but even as I look to enjoy the next two days of good weather in NYC, I’m concerned and fearful for NOLA and its citizens and I’m keeping them in mind and my prays.

  2. I hope that you don’t have to repeat your writings about a horrible hurricane.

  3. My e-mail’s up there, top left, and I have a futon and couches if any of our NOLA colleagues need them in Chicago.

  4. Scout, thanks so much for posting this. I live in the Houston area, but my heart and soul are always resident in New Orleans. Three years ago, I was an hour outside of Nola visiting friends in Franklin, LA. I was GLUED to the weather reports when I was anywhere near a television. As we drove back to Houston among the folks evacuating, I saw heavy duty power trucks and emergency vehicles heading the other way – and I was in a state. Back at work the day after (on the 29th) I kept checking the webcams for updates…until the power went out where the cameras were. I was in horror. The city that had claimed my heart on my first visit, like a bimbo claims beads, like a tarot reader claims your bucks, like a local that helps you out…I didn’t get to go back until 13 years later and it was all over for me. Heart and soul were left there. In 2002, I started going every couple of months w/friends or alone. When there, I embodied the old Association song “Windy” – “who’s creeping down the streets of the city? Smiling at everybody she sees…? ” when there. That went on until June of 05. August/Sept saw my dream of moving there in the next couple of years utterly destroyed.
    I had made several friends there over the many visits, and had places I was actually a ‘regular’ at.
    And now, three years later, here we are again and I have even more friends that are New Orleanians in soul and by actual address. I have been worried but numb with all of this waiting and watching.
    Seeing the pic Maitri posted of a still powered, but amazingly empty Bourbon St. I lost it. I crumpled up in my chair and bawled. I know I don’t live there, but I view it as ‘my’ city (as so many of the peeps that I know that love New Orleans view it as also ‘their’ city), and though I rarely even touch Bourbon Street, and that there is SO much more to Nola than B.St., the Rue Bourbon IS an icon, and to see it silent and shuttered again…it means, if it is closed and empty, so is everything else I love and hold dear.
    Sorry to do my long-winded ramble, but it’s ending – I feel another effing helpless sob session coming on, now that my eyes floodwalls have been breached… But I would rather be that what fails than any of the flood protection in New Orleans. I don’t mind looking the fool, it’s par for the course. I can’t see my Lady New Orleans brought to ruin again. Old Man River needs to stand firm against any surge.
    All the New Orleanians out there – PLEASE be safe, be careful and be back SOON!
    Anyone that can, please send prayers and energy/vibes or visualize the waters of the Gulf of Mexico COOLING down enough to weaken and even dissolve this storm.
    Elspeth, the Y’at in her heart and soul

  5. I just saw Gentilly Girl’s tweet-Betts apparently laid the law down and they are actually leaving the new house. That they had just.this.week. gotten into after three years.
    Told I wanted to see that house one day but it was more important that I meet her and Betts alive and healthy.
    There’s thousands of stories like that- in every car and bus headed out.

  6. Same here V’tex.
    Goddess bless them (all) – I want to see all the Y’ats back at home safely, soundly and soon. Now THAT would be a hella celebration w/ gumbo and red beans/rice and Abita!!!

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