“Karmic Payback”…just saying it may not be the bitch they think

As our friends in New Orleans face theexcruciating wait to see where Gustav will go, there is much talk of the possible political effects of Gustav hitting the Gulf Coast during the GOP Convention.Politico writes that it could “swamp” the GOP andthe NYT’s editorial board writes of possible “karmic payback” for the Republicans. Just as, much caution is advised in forecasting what Gustav will do, I would advise the same caution in predicting the possible political outcome. Because there is another political scenario far different from payback. It could be payoff.

One of the important lessons of Katrina was… don’t count on the feds. And the feds have been pointed and clear–you’re on your own for the first 72 hours. As a result the state of Louisiana and So. La. parishes know they are responsible for taking the lead for evacuations and have worked on their evacuation plans the past years. FEMA has a support role but the onus is onlocals:

These plans focus on two
things. First, it is
the responsibility of
each citizen to develop
their own individual and
family plans to evacuate
away from potential
hurricane damage and
sustain themselves for 3
days. Second, disaster
response starts at the
local level. The cities
and parishes along the
coast are the driving
force behind determining
what assets they have
and what assets they
need from the state to
protect their citizens.

Of course they must implement those plans andproblems will occur but I think given numerous changes we could see a rate of evacuation even better than the remarkable 90% for metro N.O. prior to Hurricane Katrina. If those plans go well (and I hope that is the case if it comes to that) it’s less likely that we would see the repeat of the terrible scenes (people awating rescue, food, water on rooftops,Interstate overpasses or shelters of last resort) as during Katrina.

If that occurs I predict we will see the mighty Wurlitzer spin faster than a Cat 5 hurricane. Bush, McCain and the GOP will work to spin this as their Redemptive Moment. They will claim credit for improvements as hard as they spun the blame last time on Democratic officials at the state and local levels. The credit would more rightly belong to the State, Parishes and citizens but that won’t be the story except in the case of the inevitable touting of a Republican Governor–Bobby Jindal. It will be said they delivered on the promise ofNever Again. “Karmic Payback” could turn to GOP Payoff.

My point is…forget the politics. There is not an upside or downside, to Payback or Payoff, worth the pain and misery that could be wrought upon our fellow Americans.

We need to remember what happened and hope and pray andact so it never happens again…(h/t for video to Toulouse St)

(Caveat: If the levees fail then it’s a different story. Hopefully that wouldn’t be ignored as it has these past 3 years.)

8 thoughts on ““Karmic Payback”…just saying it may not be the bitch they think

  1. I guess it’s inevitable, but I think it’s disgusting that this soon-to-be Category 3 storm is only being discussed as far as its potential to impact politics.
    Of course, I’m not talking about you, Scout. I’m talking about the people who are salivating over the chance to use a natural disaster that would fuck over hundreds of thousands of people to score a point or two. You’re god-damned right about how the Republicans will spin such a thing–that’s just about the only thing they’re good at, is serving up steaming piles of bullshit. And no matter what a Hurricane Gustav would do, they’ll use it to bash Democrats.
    I hope the fucking thing peters out to a little punk-ass Cat 1 (or better yet, a TS). ‘Cause I’ve lived through a few, and I wouldn’t wish a strong storm on anyone to prove a point.
    Fuckin’ NY Times. “Karmic payback.” It’s pretty fucking easy to say that when it’s other peoples homes and lives that the Cosmos is using to get back at the GOP, huh, cocksuckers?
    Fuckin’ ghouls, all of them.

  2. I hope it peters out, too or does a hard left to TX (where I live and I know it’s better able to withstand a storm at present) – and then Southern Decadence can happen and really piss off the fundies hoping for another ‘memo from teh homisekshul hatin gawd’ of theirs.
    (is contemplating drinking hurricanes all weekend to drain the strength of Monsieur Gustav)

  3. The “Karmic payback” bullshit has pissed me off all day today. Thanks for the diary, Scout – I always know I can come to ya’ll for a reinforcement of my indignation. The more I think about ANYONE “cheering the storm on” (something I saw in comments over at Kos) to make a political point, the more rum I add to this glass. The only ill-informed asshats that do that are the ones who don’t have to deal with the pre-storm worry or the post-storm cleanup.
    I raise my libation in your direction while waiting for Obama to speak.

  4. FEMA says they’re on their own for the first 72 hours and the state and city say each individual has to decide for himself. How do they think that improves their preparedness?
    When Katrina hit there were 10,000 people in New Orleans suffering from dementia. Thousands of children and elderly people got separated from their families. They were all left to fend for themselves. Now “fend for yourself” is the Official Plan, and the Republicans think that’s an improvement.
    There’s been no change. It’s still the Republican plan: the rich and the fit survive, and the disadvantaged suffer and die.
    Whatever happens with Gustav, the Republicans won’t score any points with me.

  5. For the people of the Gulf Coast, I pray to God that the storm abates. The timing of Gustav disrupts the Republican Convention and occasions the display of how deeply shamed the Republicans are of their sitting president. Gustav, more importantly, forcefully reminds us of Katrina, the Republican stain on the American soul. I cannot help but wonder if God in His justice is showing His displeasure with the “christians” who prayed for rain on the Democrats’convention and thus in blasphemy tried to drag Him into their petty partisan politics.

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