No words.

How to help.

Realize that someone, whether they are your friends or not, is going to get hit. Realize that Jamaica and the surrounding islands are being torn up by Gustav as you read this, realize especially that Cuba is almost sure to suffer a devastating storm surge, no matter what. Realize that after that, Gustav will sit and recover, then keep on coming and wreak more damage, closer to home.

Realize thatright now is the time to make your online donations, buy groceries for the food bank shipment, look up who in your community is putting together the truckloads of clothing and food and water, and if no one is, then maybe you could start.


3 thoughts on “Nauseating

  1. Okay, so if the pukes want to turn it into a telethon, the dems should say, “We’re here to help. Where do we sit?”
    For that matter, bring in all of Congress, and the civil service employees from all over DC
    Because if it’s a telethon to help folks, if that’s really what it is, how the hell can they say, “You can’t play at our telethon. It’s a private telethon, no dems can participate. It’s our humanitarian crisis.”
    Make ’em say it.

  2. Hey, just got word of the storm.
    I know its a long ways away, but I have this and another residence where anyone affected by the storm can stay in Chicago. 3 rooms max, air beds and facilities to anyone who needs it and can evacuate to. to anyone who needs it, and for as long as they need it. 312-343-0395 for somewhat faster response. It ain’t pretty, but its shelter and occasionally kinda fun. I’m also as minimalistic as you can imagine.
    Spread the word to those who need it.

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