Meanwhile…First known incursion into Pakistan by US led troops

This is some important news:

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan is determined to defend its
territorial integrity, the country’s foreign minister said on Thursday,
as anger mounted over a raid by U.S.-led troops on a remote border

The pre-dawn helicopter-borne ground assault on the village of Angor
Adda on the Afghan border on Wednesday was the first known incursion
into Pakistan by U.S.-led troops since the invasion of Afghanistan in

Twenty people, including women and children were killed, officials
said, and a new civilian government, more sensitive to public anger
than the previous government, summoned the U.S. ambassador to lodge an
angry protest.

Foreign Minister Shah Memood Qureshi said the raid was a shameful
violation of rules of engagement agreed with U.S.-led forces in

“We will not compromise on any violation of our sovereignty,” Qureshi told the National Assembly.

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile…First known incursion into Pakistan by US led troops

  1. Sheesh.
    It’s almost like they’re finally trying to catch bin Laden. I wonder what could possibly be motivating them…

  2. Crossing Sovereign borders. Especially with new GPS equipment, it seems like any talk of “accidents” couldn’t hold water.

  3. Can we call it WWIII yet?
    Oh yeah, and if anyone actually believes OBL is still in Pakistan, I’ve got a tower in Toronto with a great waterfront view for sale, cheap.

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