3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. The parallels are eerily similar.
    Well, not eerily. They latched on to what worked, gave the speech in stiff, robotic tones, and hoped for the best.
    Predictions: McCain will jump in polls in the next week, then the Obama camp will wash over them over and over.
    I just hope that it is enough to turn our country around.

  2. An aside:
    Protests get crazy outside the RNC:
    A word to the wise. When police show up in riot gear, gas masks and have several hundred zip-strap restraints, Shit is going to Go Down.
    Fortunately the 68 DNC didn’t happen, but considering when I was at the DNC in 96, and cops wore tshirts reading “My dad beat up your dad”, it is clear that lessons of that fiasco has not been learned by those with the clubs, shields and guns.
    If you protest, expect the worst.

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