The Most Important Issue

Sheldonnails one.


Ordinarily I can see the problem with the “is this more important than THAT” construct in political argument, because it basically amounts to telling people they’re paying attention to the wrong stuff, but lately, man, you’ve got to be kidding me. We’ve got a world actively blowing up and these guys are not giving us any answers, and if Harry Reid’s big plan is to find a way to go along with their bullshit artistry another day, then yeah, somebody needs to stand up and say erm. Scuse me. ABOUT ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE IF IT’S NOT TOO MUCH TROUBLE.

Besides, clearly the wost problem facing the American people these days isJoe Biden’s cufflinks.

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6 thoughts on “The Most Important Issue

  1. Any chance we could use the fact that Ms Sarah has her own tanning bed to make them STFU about the cufflinks?
    Nahhh, I didn’t think so.

  2. We need a good sex scandal for this campaign. My hope is someone in the Secret Service spikes McCains drinks with Viagra. worked for Dole.
    Speaking of which, I was listening to rush limbaugh complain about how everyone was saying that John McCain wasn’t computer literate, and that it was actually his war wounds that prevented him from using a keyboard. because, yanno, keyboard can’t be lowered.
    But I think it’s for the best. Can you imagine what Cindy McCain would have to endure after a night of John McCain and a couple hours of blow and Google Images with the filters turned off? It’d be like C3P-0 trying to get with her. A whirling dervish of elbows and apologies.
    And yes, I can imagine what that would look like without wincing. I’m a 4chan regular. I’m made of the sternest stuff.

  3. Thanks A! The photo made me smile – and who didn’t need a smile, what with the economy melting and my 401K disappearing and the blizzard of lies.
    Tip jar hit.

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