Ike Aftermath

Help slow in coming:

A massive effort was under way across Texas to get food, water and ice to people who had no power. It could be weeks until the more than 2 million without power have their lights turned on again. Lines snaked for blocks down side streets at gas stations that had little fuel to pump, and thousands packed shelters looking for dry places to sleep.

“Quite frankly we are reaching a health crisis for the people who remain on the island,” said Steve LeBlanc, the city manager in Galveston, where at least a third of the community’s 60,000 residents remained in their homes.

A line of at least 30 cars formed early Monday at a strip mall in Orange, a Texas town on the Louisiana state line east of Beaumont, a day after food and water were distributed there by the National Guard. But the line dispersed after state troopers told the gathering that supplies would be passed out elsewhere.

Wanda Hamor, 49, of Orange, was fifth in line with her 21-year-old son William. They were trapped in their house by floodwaters until Monday morning before they could venture out. They had run out of food Sunday night. They left for Hurricane Gustav on Labor Day and say they couldn’t afford to leave for Ike or buy any more than $60 in food.

“He’s diabetic and he has to eat four times a day,” she said of her son.

Mary Shelton, 71, and her neighbor Letha Wilson, 78, sat in their sport utility vehicle waiting to get supplies at a distribution center in Houston. “We need some ice. What are going to drink? Hot water?” Shelton said.

Racymind, Internet-less, is Twittering the sitch from Houston.


4 thoughts on “Ike Aftermath

  1. Well, my apartment is still without power (dammit), so I am still at my parents’ (jeesh, hurricane AND emphysema…great!). To boot, I have little/no connectivity at my apt, judging from my cellphone… 🙁
    My folks have power, so here I am. Watching “the Closer”, so not so bad.
    The worst hurricane loss of the family is the beach house on Crystal Beach is GONE. Saw the NOAA pics and there’s nothing left. Not a fancy place, but great getaway place for a bit, or, was… 🙁
    I hope all other affected folks are okay.

  2. And yet the federal response isn’t “teh grate-ist” – so there’s sadly some reality-checking for folks here (in TX) that thought New Orleans was faking it. And it’s been higher ups and doctor-types, not just folks in the street.

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