Was She Stoned?

Serious question.

The more I see of this Couric interview the more I wonder. There was one time I took a Benadryl, forgot I had taken a Benadryl, had a glass of wine, and woke up eight hours later on plane to Jamaica. I had meant to go to Jamaica, it had been planned, but between the wedding at which I drank the wine and the plane itself was a giant black hole in which I have only my husband’s word I didn’t commit any felonies. I keep thinking this has got to be like that, for Sarah Palin. I keep thinking this is, like, performance art. If not the most elaborate expectation-lowering operation in history. Or … some kind of binge-stupiding? I just … help me.

I mean, it CANNOT BE THIS BAD. Tell me she was on drugs. Tell me she was on the Courtney Love Cleanse, or something.

On the upside, she can pronounce Ahmadinejad. Unlike her running mate.


10 thoughts on “Was She Stoned?

  1. palin can’t just say the nazi things she wants to say, she has to seem normal. stupid is better than nazi.
    and the stupid don’t read papers. and they LIKE stupid.

  2. Well given all the papers she reads:

    you’ve got to think that the national forests are in trouble…

  3. Well…if she can say ‘Ahmedinejad’, what’s not to like? And if I can type it in without error, why am not I the VP choice? So what that McC doesn’t covet my ass(ets) while twisting his wedding band.

  4. That benadryl and alcohol amnesia has actually been written up at a medical conference in Germany. Some U.S. attendees did some benadryl and had a few drinks on the flight over and woke up the next morning in their hotel rooms not remembering the flight, customs, taxis or even checking in to the hotel. (Sounds great to me.) They actually wrote up their experience and hypothesis about the cause and presented it at that very conference. It was a neat story.

  5. that thing he does with his tongue really is disgusting.
    please, if nothing else, let us be saved from having to watch it flick in and out for the next year, two, three or however long he manages to hang on.

  6. [note to self: lay in a stock of Benadryl and cheap whiskey for tomorrow night’s debate; bill to medical insurance as “mental health treatment”]
    Palin is able to get by being seen as passably articulate when she is able to string together complete scripted sentences that are mostly content free, except for the chipper, smiling mud-slinging attacks on her opponent. This is what we will see tomorrow night rather than her gruesome syntactical assault on the English language in the Couric chronicles. Palin/McCain backers will then attempt to parlay that into “See! She’s not so bad!” and declare her The Winnah (and anybody who doesn’t want to be left standing on the tarmac like MoDo had better get behind that)…

  7. The entire Republican Party sounds like Nathan Thurm, the old character played by Martin Short on SNL. What used to be an over-the-top parody of crooked defense lawyers is now the normative speaking style of a major political party.

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