4 thoughts on “Let’s Start The Weekend Off With A Healthy Dose of ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  1. Ugh! Originally, I questioned if the coloring in the picture was really blackface or not. Your link makes that pretty clear.
    Once again, this time with CASA, a host of hard working volunteers have had their work demeaned by a repub

  2. A…
    They are members of theLost Generation that Lower Manhattanite so eloquently described earlier today.
    Or, as the mighty Driftglass would note, they are simply“Pig People”.
    I guess my use of such crude terminology turned off some of the other Vanners last nite. But, I am so infuriated by these fellow citizens these days that I just want them to be raptured away!
    To those so offended by the PP terminology, apologies. For wanting them raptured, no apologies will be given. This is my country too DAMMIT… and I am putting it FIRST when I vehemently oppose you know-nothing, ignorant, SOBs.

  3. ServingPatriot – thanks for the link. Quite interesting reading.
    Also, if I can add from my experience growing up Independent Baptist (they were independent as the Southern Baptists were too liberal).
    One thread that runs through the fundamentalist is that science has threatened faith. (Dare I go back to the 1500s, but they would deny any connection to the Catholics). Think of evolution (including a lot of silly evolution hoaxes), and finding fossils of dinosaurs , space travel, etc. Let’s face it, Come forward to abortion debate and stem cells.
    As such, science is opposed to faith. Reason is attempting to actively undermine faith (as opposed to the Thomist combination of Faith with Reason).
    So when the repubs merged with the fundamentalists, knowledge had to go.

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