A Quick Note About Last Night’s Debate

He might have had something to say about this shit.

So, while watching the beginning of the debate last night, I heard Palinsay this:

You know, I think a good barometer here, as we try to figure out
has this been a good time or a bad time in America’s economy, is go to
a kid’s soccer game on Saturday, and turn to any parent there on the
sideline and ask them, “How are you feeling about the economy?”

And I’ll bet you, you’re going to hear some fear in that parent’s
voice, fear regarding the few investments that some of us have in the
stock market. Did we just take a major hit with those investments?

Fear about, how are we going to afford to send our kids to college? A
fear, as small-business owners, perhaps, how we’re going to borrow any
money to increase inventory or hire more people.

And I really wanted Joe Biden to reach back and get his FDR on. “Well, Gwen, the Governor seems to have forgotten what the greatest president of the 20th century taught us: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” And then go on about how America is a nation of strong people, not bedwetting cowards, and we will handle whatever comes our way, and how, like in the dark days of the Depression, the Democratic Party had the vision and wisdom to turn things around, and it will do so again. Then Sarah Palin would have burst into flames.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great to use a dead man in a wheelchair to beat your opponent into the ground?

Christ, she brought up Reagan a few times, and what the fuck did he do right? Nothin’. Don’t be afraid to use FDR, Democrats. People loved him, and many still do. Old folks love Social Security. Remind ’em who put it there, and who’s been trying to take it away for seventy years.

You can do it. Fight. You have righteousness and history on your side. Now tear into these cheap fucking hucksters. Expose them for the low-rent three card monte hustlers they are. Fight, goddammit. Get in there and bury them.

9 thoughts on “A Quick Note About Last Night’s Debate

  1. MapleStreet says:

    Good Point.
    I also wondered – how does the socioeconomic status of Soccer moms compare to the nation as a whole?
    Are there moms who can’t afford to have their kids in soccer?

  2. What Jude said, what Maple Street said and if I might be so bold as to add:
    There are a shitload of non-parents/singles that are being totally and completely bitchslapped by the suck-ass economy (exhibit A: me). What are we? Chopped mooseliver?
    And having attended a friend’s child’s soccer game – the parents in most cases would tell some stranger wandering by asking questions about the economy to go STFU, the game is on! Let alone, be looked at bizarrely and have security summoned.
    Ugh, I hate MooseLiver Palin! ya hear dat bitch? ya betcha you do!

  3. DocLarry says:

    Amen. And I hate the CNN transcript for cleaning up Palin’s speech. She did NOT say: “And I’ll bet you, you’re going to hear some fear in that parent’s voice.” She said: “I’ll betcha you’re gonna hear some fear in that parent’s voice.” I’m an upper-Midwesterner who grew up listening to people use “betcha” and “gonna.” Most people with a basic education recognize such words as a sign of laziness and/or a poor grasp of basic grammar. It’s not “folksy.”

  4. karen marie says:

    i was thinking about sarah palin’s “folksy” language and what struck me is the amount of prejudice behind the media judgment that “it’s folksy!”
    as DocLarry points out, it is ignorant. sarah palin demonstrates her lack of education in the very way she speaks.
    if barack obama spoke in the manner and style that inner city chicagoans speak would anyone be insisting that he’s authentic or that it reflected well on him?
    of course not.
    what happened that we now glorify ignorance and lack of education?
    where did we go wrong as a country that we even consider elevating someone of ignorance and lack of education over someone of intelligence and advanced education?
    i’ll tell you what we did — we failed to impeach richard nixon.
    people like to say it’s not so but it’s my strong belief that letting nixon get away with watergate is the proximate cause of the republican party we have today.
    palin’s whole schtick is talking like a midwestern ninth-grader.
    i hate this country just a little more every day for its betrayal of all that is right or good.

  5. Jude says:

    Sorry, but I gotta disagree.
    Using colloquialisms doesn’t indicate ignorance. It indicates background. If you people heard me talk, you’d probably write me off as ignorant, based on your comments. I mean, shit. I really clean myself up when I write. When I talk? I sound like the poor person I used to be, plus a dash of sailor for good measure.
    And you know what? There’s not a fucking thing wrong with the way I speak. I get my point across, and that’s what speech is supposed to do. “Proper” English is a social construct. Would you say someone who says “youse” is ignorant? How about someone who pronounces “ask” like “axe”? All those speech patterns indicate is that someone grew up outside of the middle- to upper-middle class.
    No, Palin’s speech patterns don’t indicate ignorance. Her lack of knowledge is pretty evident from the fact that she can’t answer simple questions.
    When you start hating on colloquialisms, you get awfully close to the anti-Ebonics assholes, or the people who think that anyone with a Southern drawl has an IQ below 80. No one speech pattern is more correct than any other; language really should only be judged on its efficacy in communicating ideas. It’s just that certain accents/dialects/patterns of speech are approved by “respectable” society. It’s no coincidence that their own style is “correct,” and those of lower-class people are wrong. You always have to ask who makes the rules, and why.

  6. My problem w/Palin’s ‘folksiness’ is that it seems OTT. She’s trying too hard, it’s cartoony…and I wonder if she has the dialect coach from the set of “Fargo” on retainer.
    But my big complaint is her utter lack of intelligent spontaneity about this country and its laws. “I’ll get back to ya'”???! Seriously? “I read ’em all.” Really?
    Knowing about the laws and supreme court cases that affect this country is NOT elitist – it’s where deliberately ignorant folksiness should be guarded against.
    But that’s just me.

  7. pansypoo says:

    outdoing georgee’s aw’ shucks.

  8. rudeboy says:

    My favorite blog post of the week–and I’ve read way too many! Since Reagan, the right and all their media blowhards have been trying to dismantle the New Deal. The fact that their entire economic philosophy has gone down like the Hindenburg these past weeks while they try to blame everything and anything else is proof enough. The candidates need to keep hammering home what might have been if Bush and MiniMc were able to privatize social security.
    I think the problem with Palin’s language is that it’s all so scripted and phony. Sound like anyone else you know?

  9. Michael M. says:

    Right on, Jude, in shaking off those language haters. The correct way to speak is the one that sends the message.

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