2 thoughts on “Drenched To The Bone

  1. Wow! That really brings back memories. I bought Dylan’s record right after it came out, and after hearing one of his songs on the radio. I used to play that record, both sides, just about every night. My landlady had to be an angel to put up with it. I can still see that old apartment in my mind, even though it was torn down years ago.

  2. So, I assume this got posted because we needed to hear “don’t speak too soon for the wheel’s still in spin, and there’s no telling who it is naming”, in response to the previous post (which read in part “Maybe we’re not that dumb after all, or maybe, in the alternative, the economy is so shitty that we’ll actually elect a semi-competent/not completely sociopathic politician.”)
    Don’t speak too soon…

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