15 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: BOOM Edition

  1. A dear friend of mine (declares himself Independent, fwiw) refers to Obama as the Manchurian Candidate. I told him, I don’t care – he beats the hell out of the Mongolian Camembert we have had the last 8 years!
    Nice pic, I like it when I see pics of prominent folks that actually have all synapses firing properly, particularly presidential peeps (and McCain/Palin do not possess that particular proclivity).

  2. You know, I love the Keating stuff coming out like it is, and think that Obama has played that brilliantly.
    However, I wanna see Bible Spice’s connections to the Alaska seperatists cued up next. Seriously. She wants to talk about him “palling around with terrorists” I think she should have to explain that whole Nation of Alaska thing. I’m so offended by that statement by her. Hell, I’m so offended by HER.
    A, what time does the fan open tomorrow? You starting a pool on what time Johnny Drama loses his shit? Cuz I really think that Obama is gonna, oh so kindly and gently, push him over the edge tomorrow. Talk about Must See TV.

  3. Leinie – EXACTLY!!! Eff the Palin bint and her throwing mud at Obama when she’s sitting none-too-pretty on that dung heap of her own making.
    Where’s the effing ‘press’?!?!? Oh, nevermind. We are gonna have to do this ourselves, as per usual.
    Peace and sink the fuckers!!!

  4. Elspeth – I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but wouldn’t McCain’s torture in Hanoi be more in line with the idea of a brainwashed sleeper?

  5. Maple Street, (red faced) actually no, hadn’t thought of that…never read da’ book nor did I see the movie (either version).
    Forgive me? I am so way backlogged on dvds and books…!
    🙂 Elspeth

  6. @Leinie:
    >>Cuz I really think that Obama is gonna, oh so kindly and gently, push him over the edge tomorrow. Talk about Must See TV.<<
    Oh please oh please oh please oh please … just one little thing to needle him with, like McCain needled Barack with the "Sen. Obama just doesn't understand …" but of course much more subtle.

  7. No problem. Wonder if PTSD could be influencing some of McCain’s mannerisms?
    From IMDB:
    Basically, troop is taken captive. One of them is credited as a hero having saved everyone’s life. However, on investigation, it appears that the “hero” was brainwashed and is now awakening to perform a political assasination.
    A former Korean War POW is brainwashed by Communists into becoming a political assasain
    or see the full plot summary at
    Basically, troop is taken captive. One of them is credited as a hero having saved everyone’s life.

  8. Maple, I had to make that very point to someone yesterday.
    Elspeth, you’re not alone in not knowing the original movie. It’s quite good, but maybe a bit much. I have no idea if the 2004 remake is any good. I’ll bet not.

  9. I watched some cable news this afternoon, basically “the media” is putting the two storylines up head to head as a mudslinging match. On every network I’ve watched Obama’s point seems stronger, except of course FAUXNews, where the anchor argued with the Obama spokesman after having back-patted the McCain spokesman.
    But, the take home point I got was this. McCain was never found ‘guilty’ of anything.
    However, he was ‘rebuked’ by the Senate. “Rebuked” is Senate speak for one point short of ‘censured’, which never happens because they resign before letting that happen. Further, John Glenn was also ‘rebuked’ concomitant with McCain. Seems being a patriotic hero has it’s perks.
    In other words, they didn’t do -nothing- wrong, but they were rather close to the action.

  10. The crack van will go live an hour before the debate begins, so that you can console one another throughout the fail and asshattery that is the pregame.
    I may be late, so you’ll have to take turns driving.

  11. Tomorow’s slaughter…uh.. I mean debate should be great TV. How often in one’s lifetime do you get to see a US presidential candidate go postal on national TV, with 70 million voters watching? I expect Obama to simply point out that the only presidential candidate to have been rebuked by the Senate is on stage, but not him. Then, perhaps suggest that another apology to the America people for playing a big role in bringing on the current “crisis” is in order. I can see McCain turning purple, foaming at the mouth, then having the sound cut off as he spews forth his opinion of people with darker skin than his. And, that reminds me, if a candidate for president suffers a stroke while screaming on national TV, does the party have the option of replacing him at this late date?

  12. My esteemed and dear friend that said that is reaching, I do believe. But when he found out my first choice of the original field, he was in agreement – that was Dennis Kucinich.
    Oh good gravy Marie – just saw a trailer for “W” – I’ll go see it, but I will need a designated driver, even a portayal of that cretin is too much to bear sober.

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