I Hear Them All

Good Stuff from Old Crow Medicine Show…

So, while you sit and whistle Dixie
With your money and your power
I can hear the flowers a-growing
In the rubble of the towers
I hear leaders quit their lyin’
I hear babies quit their cryin’
I hear soldiers quit their dyin’, one and all

I hear them all


(h/tSuspect Device)

2 thoughts on “I Hear Them All

  1. today feels like christmas, boxing day, new year’s, halloween, thanksgiving, easter, my birthday, the first day of school and the 4th of july all rolled up in one.
    barring the election being cancelled, or the election blatently stolen …
    i can’t say it.
    i don’t want to j i n x it.
    but today all day i have felt giddy.
    as soon as i get the checks written for my bills, i’m sending obama another $25 for bringing hope to my heart.

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