The Last Time I Mention This. Honest.

Get your tickets! This weekend only!

Really, if you live in Madison or nearby, you shouldbuy a ticket and come to the WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament this weekend. It’s loads of fun, you’ll meet some amazing people, and you’ll get to see the ass-kicking-on-wheels extravaganza. So do it! Buy a ticket! You won’t be sorry.

Paine Mansfield and Dutch Oven get ready to whip some ass.

Stitch, Nikki, Die, Mouse, Ninja, Dutch, Joan, and Jenny–happy after a win.

Seriously. You want to be a part of this.

3 thoughts on “The Last Time I Mention This. Honest.

  1. I wish that I could be in Madison this weekend. What a great way to start off the tournament with Minnesota v. Madison. (Go Mouse!) The Western Regional in Houston last week was AMAZING! I will be following all the action on DNN’sboutcast. Cheers!

  2. It’s making me all tingly. I was a Dairyland Doll back in 2005 when we had the first interleague bout east of the Mississippi since the 70s by going to NY and kicking some Gotham Girl ass. After we beat Minnesota tomorrow, we’ll be facing the Gotham Girls for a grudge match of sorts. It’s so exciting to be hosting this event!

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