3 Polls show Obama with 10 point lead in WI


Wisconsin is not a swing state, alright. We will be blue…again. TheWI State Journal reports that Obama leads by 10 points in three new polls:

A WISC-TV poll of likely voters shows Obama with a 10-point lead over
Republican John McCain. The poll done by Research 2000 on Sunday and
Monday showed Obama with 51 percent and McCain with 41 percent.

A Rasmussen Reports poll gave 54 percent of the vote to Obama and 44 percent to McCain.


A SurveyUSA poll gave 52 percent of the vote to Obama, compared to 42 percent for McCain

11 thoughts on “3 Polls show Obama with 10 point lead in WI

  1. I first saw that as “10 point lead in Wii”, made me think of a rather different contest. Obama would probably win that one, too.

  2. Don’t gimme no pop, no pop!
    Don’t gimme no tea, no tea!
    Just gimme that milk! Moo moo moo moo!
    Wisconsin milk! Moo moo moo moo…

  3. Go you Wisconsiners! Or is it Wisconsinites? I kinda like “siners,” if ya know what I mean. 😉

  4. I’m in the reddest part of the state (SE) and seeing a much higher % of McSame signs, but am encouraged by the polls. We have an uphill battle here trying to unseat Bush Clone Paul Ryan from our congressional district. If any of you can, please send some love toDemocratic candidate Marge Krupp.

  5. SE Wisconsin for me too. Republicans are almost automatic winners here, every race, every time. They love them some Jim Sensenbrenner around here. Was up north last weekend and the tv ads there are relentless. It felt to me to be mostly McCain ads, although that might be because the McCain ads are so much more strident. I was suprised at this supposed 10 point lead and will believe it when it happens, and not before. BTW, it’s Wisconsinite.

  6. Sigh. Bummer, Sue. I really liked the idea of Wisconsiners. But I understand the desire to have the right term used–nothing irks me more than hearing “Coloradoan.” It’s Coloradan, at least to anybody who grew up here.

  7. You assume Van Hollen is not successful with his ratfucks, and that McSame is not successful in creating havoc with his “absentee ballots” with the wrong addresses attached. We are clearly ground central for the Theft of 2008, and a 10% lead doesn’t begin to be enough to make up for that.

  8. Quite a Wisconsin contingent here. Yes, what with Van Hollen and company, we are a disaster waiting to happen. Remember, this is the land of “Travelgate”, and Georgia Thompson is still picking up the pieces.

  9. BuggyQ-
    Its “Cheeseheads”… not “Wisconsiners”!
    fmr Michigander!

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