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  1. I can’t remember which commentary show it was on that I heard the wonderful comment, to the effect of: Why is there no ground in the NRA endorsement for someone that supports the right to firearms but doesn’t personally use them?
    Personally, my father was a lifetime NRA member. I like the challenge of target shooting but have other interests so that I don’t own a gun. I don’t particularly like hunting but I love the taste of venison. If state law would let me, I’d gladly buy someone else the deer tags on the condition that they’d share the meat with me. Yet, alas, I go through life with the stain on my soul that I would never get the NRA endorsement.
    So, why does the gun lobby have to be for, and only for, Yosemite Sam?

  2. The NRA has the most highly trained spokespeople in the world. They have the best program for educating their members on all the ways that they might have to argue.
    They use all the techniques including the ultimate –that they like to be coy about. “Still don’t like it? What are you going to do about it? We have guns!”
    Next week when we have our tragically common “X number of people shot in a Mall/school/church” story, the first things out of the NRA supporter’s mouth is. “Don’t politicize this tragedy! We can’t hear talk about about Gun control at a time like this!”
    It is a preemptive tactic to block any action. It’s designed to show the people that they really can’t do anything and that their only recourse is to actually get MORE guns or just accept that if you live in America expect to be killed by guns. (And that the NRA has NOTHING to do with the fact that you will probably be killed by a gun)
    I had suggested doing something that could be seen as taking advantage of the tragedy, but I would do it in service of an attempt to bring down gun violence.
    Find the people who are pushing “More guns!” and before a shooting tragedy set up an on camera interview with the gung ho gun person. The Gung ho gun person should spout their usual talking points. “We need more guns, Guns don’t kill people, bullets do… (that kind of nonsense.)” Then, someone is killed or shot in a weekly killing have that Gung ho person explain why it was the victim’s fault and why nothing should really be done on this. Have them try and do it live in front of the person. If they have trouble doing that play the video tape.
    It’s hard to look someone in the eye whose relative was just died, and spout lines. And I know there would be cries of exploiting the victims, but we need something to shake the smug gun owners out of their stupor.

  3. You know, there are liquids that are not wet; mercury, for example.
    Wetness is one of water’s most important properties (capilary action in soil, etc.)

  4. Oh noes, not the vaunted NRA endorsement. Between that and having Holy Joe on his side, I’d say Johnny has just locked this thing up.

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