Crack Van Recap

Major thanks to Leinie, the crack van transcription goddess. Be here next Wednesday evening for the final debate. Otherwise known as The One Where McCain Finally Snaps and Eats A Voter’s Head.

First, the fashion:

Escariot: OK…so what is everyone wearing? I am in my overalls, with my hammer holster on

KarenNO: I have my Bible Bet on
KarenNO: Belt

Els_yeah_that_one: I have my Rebuild New Orleans tee and flannel pj pants.

Ali451: I’m wearing my hawkey mom bomber jacket and mom-jeans

VforVirginia: I’m wearing a Dream Team nightshirt. it’s teh hawtness

KarenNO: Yes, I am naked and all I have on is my bible belt

David_Austin_TX: Karen? Pictures?

Then the drinking game:

David_Austin_TX: I’m going all Joe Six Pack tonight. Only, I anticipate having 12 or 14 tonight.

VforVirginia: Purple Drank! I’m’a grip and sip

Anon_from_Eschaton: does the vodka mix with the powdered tang?

Dingo_ATB: drank all 1st drink with Strong Oversight!

Anon_from_Eschaton: tax cuts…drink

Jude6681: My friends.
Jude6681: Drink.

karen_marie: oh screw i can’t drink every time he says “my friends”

leinie: Fuck, I’m almost out of rum. Stop saying my friends.

karen_marie: i’m not sure there is enough liquor in this country

Molly_Ivors: I believe I’ll have another beer

Then the post-debate reax:

thomas_w: In small doses, Tweety’s actually kind of fun. It’s when you realize that he has an hour-long show and the respect of DC that the despair sets in.

Jack_K.: CSPAN still has the live feed goin’ on. You can hear Brokaw whining in the background about “see what I had to deal with”…

virgotex: McCain left and everyone is having their picture taken with Obama

Athenae: Rachel: Obama won by conducting himself as if McCain wasn’t THERE

M31: McCain also conducted himself as if McCain wasn’t there.


4 thoughts on “Crack Van Recap

  1. This debate was much easier to take than the first one. McCain wasn’t so infuriating, and Obama was gloriously on. It was such a relief not to feel like the bad guys were somehow, inexplicably, pulling out a win. This wasn’t even close.
    And the Vansters were in fine form. But I can’t watch CNN next time. I found myself paying more attention to the wavy lines than to the commentary provided by the Van. Interesting, but not nearly as much fun. It’s C-Span for me next time.

  2. I just couldn’t watch any more. A blogger nailed it when he observed that McCain turned into Fred Sanford, shuffling aimlessly around the stage.

  3. that debate was one of the most excruciatingly painful things i’ve subjected myself to (relatively speaking, maybe i shouldn’t complain) and i swore i wouldn’t watch the next one at all.
    but now that obama and biden have called mccain out on his shit, and mccain’s supporters are pushing him to step up, i am looking forward to the next debate where, whichever way things go, mccain is going to be humiliated.
    mccain’s humiliation won’t fix the damage he has done but it will still be a sweet, sweet moment.

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