Department of Pretty Much, Suite Yeah 23

Driftglass on the sad theater that is our crap punditry:

The GOP runs on a very simple electoral strategy:

1. Tell the Pig People they can have their stupid and eat it too.

2. Ruin the nation, run up insurmountable debt, seed every institution with incompetents and looters, all while cowering behind the Flag, the Bible and the troops.

3. When it all goes South, double down on the lies and the stupid, and boldly blame Bill Clinton’s Penis and the dirty fucking hippies.

Election after election, this gets them to 45%. Then, a little election fraud, a shitload of slander, and hauling Bin Laden out of the terrorist toy box gets them a slim majority of the perpetually and dismally “Hmmm. Should I give my kids battery acid? Or apple juice? What does ‘Us’ magazine say?” undecided and uninformed.



2 thoughts on “Department of Pretty Much, Suite Yeah 23

  1. I posted this there;

    This time we don’t stop dropping anvils on your chest until your Party is extinct, your Base are driven back into their various cultural sewers, and you are reduced to writing rhapsodic articles about truck gardens for “Modern Eviction Magazine”.

    So. How do we go about doing that?
    I was talking to someone one who was bitching about William Kristol writing for the New York Times.
    I asked, “What are you going to do about it?”
    “Write a blog post? Send a letter to the editor?”
    If we are serious about “dropping
    dropping anvils on [their] chest’
    You work to get him fired. You work to get him arrested for war crimes. You work to discredit him in such a way that he doesn’t ever get an invite to another TV or radio show.
    The problem is that we still want to be Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls the football away the 24th time. Sure we can vow never again which is great, but we can also make it so that Lucy is never even in the picture again.
    Lucy’s mom has been alerted to her cruelty. She has been grounded. She can’t leave the house because her pulling the football away caused Charlie Brown some serious damage to his spine. Charlie Brown’s parents called up Lucy Van Pelt’s parents and said, “Your daughter needs to be punished for her lack of judgment. If you don’t ground her we will be filing a restraining order. And if she violates that and does the football trick again we will be notifying the police and she will be sent to detention. She will be removed from your home and sent to somewhere where she can’t hurt people. Granted our son Charlie brought some of this on himself, but he is a trusting boy and can’t always be as cynical as we are. Your daughter is mentally ill and a threat to the physical health of other children. This isn’t just fun and games anymore. Charlie got a concussion from the last time she pulled away the ball. I’m not going to allow that to happen again. I did my part to tell Charlie this, but now I’m also doing my part and ensuring that Lucy is punished for her behavior. Maybe SHE will learn now that there are consequences to her behavior.”
    BTW, I actually advised the person who was complaining about Kristol to look at his status as a “employee” or an “independent contractor” and find out if he is violating any of the rules of either arrangement. If he is an employee what rules is he breaking? Is he plagiarizing? (One think that that the NYTimes still doesn’t tolerate)
    Is he taking money from groups that he shouldn’t as an employee?
    If he is an independent is he paying his taxes correctly?
    People fixate on only one method to “drop anvils” that they don’t look at the other ways to remove them from the discourse. It would be great if we could get into a great argument with them on Live TV and he would say, “You are right. I’m wrong and evil. I will change my thinking and be good. Thank you.”
    Not going to happen. These people only go away when they are disgraced in other areas of their life and even then some aren’t (see Rush and drugs). Rush is too big to fail. They need him so they will cover him intellectually and even sometimes criminally.

  2. Eventually this all comes down to people showing some shreds of intelligence. But, since Reagan was in the White House, people have been taught that selfishness, irrationality, and fables are the in thing, so it will be very hard to change that without a couple of new generations. And, unfortunately, those deluded folks vote.

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