7 thoughts on “Already Making Excuses

  1. It didn’t work for us in ’00 and ’04, I don’t see why it should work for McCain now.

  2. McCain now reminds me of the Lil Abner character who used to walk around with a little rain cloud pouring rain on him all the time. Today McCain tried to stop the crowd from calling Obama a traitor, a terrorist, etc., saying Obama had his respect even though he disagreed with him. The crowd just booed McCain!
    Then, later today, the Alaska remport on Palin’s troupergate activities came out, stating that she abused the powers of her office. Last week, McCain spouted his usual “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” speech, and the stock market immediately collapsed, and banks began failing right and left. So, he rushed back to Washington to get credit for saving the economy, and his party decided to vote against “saving the economy”.
    It is time for whoever the witch among us is to confess! I have no objections, but that was one Hell of a hex you put on that man!!

  3. I think he is mistaken.
    I think that the accusations and demonization of ACORN is to distract from the purging of the voter rolls that will bring the election close enough to steal yet again.
    The policy for some years in the Republican Party(as far back as Nixon)is to accuse your opponent of whatever illegal act you yourself are doing. Say it sooner, say it louder, say it longer, and the worst case outcome is that people will think that both parties do it.

  4. So, are the accusations against ACORN without any basis? Or do we just assume that to be the case?

  5. thebewilderness is right — Josh should have had at least one passing reference to voter suppression– which is the real story. EVery story about ACORN– and it looks like this will be the week for that– should also examine/mention concerted voter suppression efforts in swing states. ANd the world is made of lollipops and roses, I know, I know…

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