5 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: Ground Game

  1. My favorite bit in the linked article is Obama’s reaction when the teenage girls came running over to see him — his first question was, “Where are your shoes?” As a parent, that would have been my first question, too. He’s so natural, such a real human being. I can’t imagine McCain doing something so normal.

  2. Holy crappinnannygoat, what would I do if Barack Obama came to my door?
    First thought, “Oh, CRAP! My house looks like a laundry truck hit a garbage hauler and then both plowed into a bookstore! And I have the next President of the United States on my doorstep!”
    Second thought…[swoon]…
    Yes, I admit it, I’m shallow. And messy.

  3. BuggyQ, that is the most perfect description of a house ever. I am stealing it. I wish Obama would visit my house. We could fold laundry together and talk about health care.

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