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I heard these lovely women on my way home from work one night, when I was listening to the classical station in a futile effort to stay calm on the road. I pulled into my parking space and stayed in the car with the radio on until the singing was over.


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  1. loved ’em for years. have seen them live with musicians too-a real Christmastime treat, if you can catch it in your town

  2. Wow, virgo, I’d love to see them live. I’ve loved them for a long time. Such skill and beauty, and they are keeping alive beautiful music that might otherwise fade away. Medieval music has a lot to offer, and they present it so well.
    Thanks for posting this, A. BTW, if this made you happy, you should check out Morton Lauridsen’s Les Chansons des Roses, particularly the Dirait-on. I have the Los Angeles Master Chorale version (on the Lux Aeterna album), and it is glorious. My local NPR station was using it as a carrot in their fund drive a couple of years ago, and I was hooked. It’s a modern composition, but it has a certain Gregorian sensibility about it, underneath the lush harmonies and interlaced melodic lines. I don’t like all of Lauridsen’s work, but that one really hit me. (Part of it may be the Rilke poetry, too.)

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