6 thoughts on “Our political discourse, gone to the dogs

  1. Oh, I so hope McCain goes there — esp. since we now know one of McCain’s top advisers was a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein!

  2. Amen, Gummo! From your keyboard to God’s ear!
    And can I just say, OMG! Obama with a puppy!!!!! Cutecutecute!
    Hey, I’ve said it before, I’m shallow.

  3. Alas, I have to do a tourney tonight. Some of the NOLA Bloggers may be there so if it’s being shown on the tube there will be a lively discussion.
    Don’t wreck the van tonight… it’s needed for the Victory Party on the 4th of Nov.

  4. I will be in da van, but I will be watching Project Runway’s Bryant Park finale – I hope Kenley’s ass is handed to her. As long as one of the other two designers win, I am a happy gal.
    Speaking of asses – I hope McCain’s flabby tush literally jumps off his foetid corporeal presence and tha-bump, tha-bumps off the stage because Obama is just that great!!!

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