This Is Such A Pretty Glass House I’m In


Also, as usual, this for the fail. Last I checked, Hollywood was IN America, and Angelina Jolie did not give up her right to free speech when she started making lots of money on movies. It just pisses the wingnuts off that more people pay attention to what Angelina Jolie thinks than they do, but listening to her and listening to them, I can’t really blame for going with her.

Plus, can someone please, one of these election cycles, point out that robocalling and robocampaigning about “Hollywood” in predominantly Christian, rural, Republican areas is code not only for rich gays but also for Jews? If I’m gonna get “anti-Semite” e-mailed to me every time I mention that Doug Feith is incredibly stupid and sucks at his job, somebody might want to turn that lens on the Palin campaign, which has astoried history of associating with actual anti-Semites. This code language is as old as the hills. It doesn’t take a genius.


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