The Sound of the Thunder That Roared Out a Warning: Galactica Thread


Oh, have I missed you, beautiful girl.

Spoilers inside. You’ve been warned.

From Jacob’s recap of Crossroads Part 2:

And there it is. There she is, the bogey, the monster that’s chased him across the stars, teasing, fading from view, taking him down into heavy atmosphere and up into the sun, naked on a virgin world, under the moon. She stands on the bank of the river, bringing life to the shore. Kara Thrace comes up alongside.

She came back and she thought everyone would be so happy to see her.

She came back with pictures of the thing they wanted most in the world, of the thing Bill told her about knowing it was a lie, that she could now make true, for him, for all the times she fucked it up and got in trouble and he had to knock her down. She came back with gifts and they pointed guns in her face. I suppose it’s a step up from Boomer; remember that horrible neck collar shackle thing that they held onto her with, like, poles? She came back thinking it had only been hours. You’ve been off in your own crazy world and meanwhile, everything around you has changed.

Sam’s a pilot (hee, “jock smock”) and Lee’s a lawyer or something, and Tigh’s nutser than usual, and the president doesn’t like you anymore, and there’s blood all over your brand-new ship, and oh by the way the CHIEF’S A CYLON OMG. She’s been out in the clouds, gone too long, and the world doesn’t look like it used to. You can’t go home again, was the title of the ep that made me realize this show was mind-blowing, and now it’s happening, she’s going home again, and trying to take them with her. If only they’d turn the ship around.

(And not for nothing, but for frak’s sake, Bill, the number of times you’ve done crazy shit because Starbuck said she wanted to and would hold her breath until she turned blue, but this is a bridge too far? Come on.)

Quick hits: I love, love, love that the first thing the Crazy Cult Lady did with Baltar was to clean and shave him. Thank GOD. Or gods. Or whatever; he was a greasefire hazard. I also love the return of the Wacky Baltar and Chip Six Sex Show, where Baltar blithers around talking to himself and humping walls and people either ignore it completely or assume it’s a sign of his brilliance. James Callis is one of the great comedic actors of our time.

Fuck you, Gaeta, for treating Starbuck the same way you were treated when you got back from New Caprica. The point of a learning experience is not that you get to switch sides and repeat it next time, you asshole. Though, YA HALO THAR consistency, in that it was Helo who understood, best of all, what was going on.

Speaking of consistency, might be nice, at some point, for Sharon and Starbuck to have a sit-down, about not knowing who the frak you are on any given Tuesday.

The President is just staying in Adama’s rooms until she gets done with her medical treatment? Adama has officially become self-cockblocking. Come on, I know she’s a cancer patient, but you can’t tell me you have Mary McDonnell in your bed night after night and don’t at least ask if she’s up for it! It defies credulity.

Crazy space show, you’re too short. Too short.


13 thoughts on “The Sound of the Thunder That Roared Out a Warning: Galactica Thread

  1. Yeah, I wanted to punch Gaeta. Jackass.
    And yeah, good to see out-to-lunch Baltar again. Is he having a conversion experience? Hmmm…
    Past my bedtime.

  2. Sorry, but the jury’s still out on Kara, especially after she went all Bruce Lee at the end. Obviously, she’s not going to shoot Roslin. That would be too predictable. Will she break out of the brig after they stick her in there? You know it’s coming.
    “They must not follow her…”

  3. Also, in this “universe”, coming back from the dead means only one thing, yer a Cylon. Even if she isn’t( my opinion), they have to assume she is.

  4. All is can say is
    FRAKKING about time!
    Strap in because it portends to be quite a ride theu the last season!

  5. OH NO, Virgo. You have to see it. D’you have two tv’s?
    I can’t decide which is the more prominent feeling — gushing happy for Athenae’s commentary over Starbuck, or my crushing disappointment that Katee Sackhoff needed it in order for me to fully empathize what she’s going through. Or that the editor ruined her superior performance. I just watched part of The First Sentinel the other day, and Katee was so bad that I’m having problems believing it was the editor.

  6. I’m trying to decide if I’m pissed that they’re playing Kara like this, or if its sheer brilliance.
    The ultimate twist would be — yes, she is the final cylon — just because nobody believes they’d do that.
    But they’ve turned Starbuck into a victim and that sucks. She wouldn’t just sit back and let Laura fucking Roslin make her a prisoner. The Starbuck we know and love would liberate a couple Vipers and a couple pilots and fly back off to find earth again. Fucking Laura Roslin couldn’t ignore a whole brace of pilots telling the same story.
    Meanwhile, she’s got a gun in the President’s face and they’re probably going to end it with another bullshit decision on Adama’s part — just like when Helo saved the Cylons from the plague. Bill will let a clear act of mutiny skate on by. Some commander he is.
    I thought the Gaeta bit was brilliant. Who says you have to learn from experience. There are Republicans…right?
    The Baltar cult may be the creepiest assemblage of subnormal humanity ever portrayed onscreen. And I enjoyed the hell out of seeing him get the shit kicked out of himself. Too bad the cultie saved the day.
    Now I have to watch the whole thing again. Make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  7. COMPLETELY agree on Mary McDonnell…
    My respect for Baltar has increased. He offered a sincere prayer, and when he faced death, he accepted it. If nothing else, Baltar meant what he said. He was not lying to himself, to God, or to anyone else. That is growth, for him.

  8. “Meanwhile, she’s got a gun in the President’s face and they’re probably going to end it with another bullshit decision on Adama’s part — just like when Helo saved the Cylons from the plague. Bill will let a clear act of mutiny skate on by. Some commander he is.”
    That’s why the supression of real workers’ rights in DIRTY HANDS still galls me — with every slip Adama has in military discipline, he proves Baltar’s point that the elite of the RTF will stay the elite of the RTF — even if that elite becomes permanently corrupt under emergency powers, like it has no other choice but corruption. I know, I know, last season, but how will Starbuck’s message, communicated down to plebe level, going to effect the rest of the fleet, once they know?

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