Third & Final Debate Crack Van

I’ll be gone earlier, but hopefully be back home for the ultimate smackdown, which will involve“Terrorist THIS, mofo.” Until then, take turns driving, be excellent to each other, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and posts in the van belong to no one but their posters.

No daylight.

Update: Van closed! Thanks to everybody for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Third & Final Debate Crack Van

  1. Sorry folks, can’t take it any more…most of the time the crack van wouldn’t let me type, most of the rest I could type what I want, but isolated from everyone else.
    Beh. Frustrating. Probably browser problems on my side, so hope you all have fun.

  2. A and gang!
    Thanks for the van and what a van it was!
    McCain = EPIC.FAIL!
    475EVs on 4 Nov.

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