Republicans pull ads in Louisiana

Remember when Senator Landrieu was considered the most vulnerable senator and the #1 target of the GOP to pick up a seat?

Not so much so now…

WASHINGTON – Retreating as they brace for congressional losses, Republicans have canceledtelevision advertising in a key Senate race in Louisiana and scaled back ads in eight competitive House contests.


In pulling planned advertising in Louisiana, Senate Republicans’
campaign committee has essentially abandoned its only chance this year
to topple a Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mary Landrieu, who is in a competitive race withJohn Kennedy, the state treasurer who was heavily recruited to challenge her.

moves reflect the tough choices cash-strapped Republicans are having to
make in the crucial last stage of the campaign, as Democrats threaten
to encroach on what was previously considered safe GOP ground.

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4 thoughts on “Republicans pull ads in Louisiana

  1. i can imagine the republicans were stoked when they put up their faux “john kennedy.”
    not terribly surprising the public is giving it a bronx cheer.

  2. The good news is that the Dems have am outside shot at getting to 60 in the Senate.
    The bad news is that Joe Leiberman would still be one of the 60.

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