Quitting Time Booster Shot

My favorite Midget wants to go ice skating today, so here’s an early version of the QTBS:

– I’d like to make it clear that it’s not wrong to vote for Palin, so long as you’re voting for the right one. If youjoin up hereyou can get a free fuzzy thing!

– If you plan to go out after work today, feel free to print off a few of these and play along with everyone’s favorite bar game: Douchebag Bingo! (Alas, this game might be more “college-bar centric” than you’d like, so feel free to make up your own cards based on what types of douchebags tend to invade your favorite watering hole.)

– It’s been asked many times as to why “main stream journalists” don’t take the Internet seriously as a news medium.Here’s one reason…

And here’s another. If we wanted to counter this relatively dumb argument and talk about print publications, we could easily argue that Hustler and the New York Times are essentially the same: Each has information, advertising, letters from readers and visual communication. Is that fair that “the media” groups all Web sites? Nah, butwhen has fairness ever been a measure of why people pick on one another?

– If you live in Nebraska, here are your tax dollars at work. Can I just ask, who voted for this guy over the past 30-some years and why? Seriously, it seems to me that either people are doing the whole “let’s get drunk and vote” thing or this guy has a lot going for him but just happens to be known for one bad thing, a la Jackie Smith.

– In watching the debate, I had a flashback tothis moment including the odd way in which both JMac and Governor Ritchie pronounced “Warshington.”

– And, finally, if you want to be inspired by a guy named “JMac,”let’s go with this guy instead… I really do love this story. It’s one of my favorites.

Thanks for letting me share the air. See you next Friday.


5 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. About that Nebraska lawsuit: clearly it was tossed out of court because it had to be a class action suit, and not an individual one. As a class action suit it had great merit. I consider myself one of the class that would benefit from the suit. But, perhaps there could be another billion or three in the class with me. So, lets say we win and the defendant owes us a billion dollars in damages? Well, I can sure use a dollar.

  2. Thanks for the fun, Doc! I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend. I’m going out to canvass for Obama tomorrow morning. My first time volunteering in this capacity, and I’m very nervous. But damn it, I’m not going to be sitting there on Election Night wishing I had done more.
    On a fun note, I had to get new tires this morning, and the guy at the tire place saw my bumper stickers. He said, “So, makin’ a political statement, are ya?” and I was kind of nervous–I live in a pretty conservative area, and I’ve had my share of unpleasant wingnut encounters. But when I said yes, he proceeded to tell me all about his daughter’s bumper sticker, which says something to the effect of “Gas was $1.49 a gallon when George W. Bush took office. We had afford 4 more years of McSame!” And he grinned at me.
    People are voting smarter this cycle.

  3. “Warshington” is how DC natives pronounce it. My grandmother used to “warsh” clothes, too. Probably up in Balmer, Merlin, they say Warshington as well.

  4. Ernie Chambers isn’t actually all crazy, although he can be, let’s say, creative. When I lived in Nebraska I believe he was (and I think had nearly always been) the only black member of the state legislature and has a long and strong history of fighting for civil rights and advocating for minorities and the poor. He’s outspoken in getting his message across, but in Nebraska, if you’re not white you sometimes have to make a lot of noise to get heard.

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