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Real values for real people doing pro-American things to win the war on terrorism and … stuff.

CALEDONIA — A campaign worker going door to door on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was allegedly assaulted Saturday afternoon by a resident of a home where a campaign call was made.

In a telephone interview broadcast Saturday night, WISN-TV (Channel 12) identified the worker as Nancy Takehara, 58, of Chicago.

Sgt. Toby Schey of the Caledonia Police Department said Saturday night that there was no medical assistance requested by Takehara, who said the suspect hit her in the face and pulled her hair.

“The man terrified me,” Takehara said in the television interview.

The real fun’s in the comments to this story:

I’m having a hard time sympathizing, since these campaign workers are trying to get a guy elected who wants to take our property away from us at gunpoint so he can “spread the wealth.” Don’t think that the threat of armed force is implicit in the ability to tax? Try not paying your taxes and see what happens. You’ll be dragged across your own yard on your way to jail.

first off, these freaks came to my house today and I ignored them. They banged on my door for 20 mins, and was looking through my window. Then had the ordasity to leave a ballot filled out and said take this to the polls and TELL them you want to vote demicrat and how to vote demicrat. It is sad they have to tell you to vote from them.ONE NATION UNDER A MUSLIM. I think not.

Maybe all of us hard working conservatives should roll over, quit working and wait for the handouts lilke the rest of the low life liberal lefties.

What is it with newspaper sites’ comments? The Chicago Tribune has these horrible people, too, who turn a comment thread on a story about stewed plums into “OMG NEGROES” every goddamn day, and if any story is about race to begin with they turn the comments into “I really hate black people because this one time a black dude cut me off in traffic and I think he was playing rap music on his car stereo.” Is it the idea of fighting the liberal media on its own virtual ground? Or some kind of Universal Cosmic Law of Suck that also governs local car dealershp commercials, such that there is, across various brands of independently owned shit, a remarkable sameness of the level of blowitude? Back when Yahoo had comment boards on its news stories the same folks popped up there. Maybe it’s true what they say about the Internet, that it really is just five racists and/or pervs and everybody else is a cop.


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  1. It should be obvious that the perp that assaulted that lady is undereducated, under employed, if employed at all, and full of hate because he knows he would be a millionaire if “them” hadn’t taken away all of his opportunities, and the “liberals” hadn’t taxed him so hard he pays all of his meager income as income taxes. And, of course, all “muslims” are just agents of the devil.
    And, that reminds me, I saw Bill Maher’s movie, “Religulous” this weekend. If you are insecure about your religious beliefs, be sure to skip this one, but if not, it is a riot!

  2. The online comments at the local McPaper – the Des Moines Register – are pretty much the same. You can just imagine what was posted over the last few weeks as an black ISU football player walked off the team because he was effectively benched, a white woman was shot in her car downtown (her husband did it), and a 13 year-old latino teenager was arrested and charged with murder with his uncle.

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