Friday Ferretblogging


Puck’s recovery is nearly complete; he’s getting monthly shots for the adrenal disease and is done getting mashed-up food fed to him like the little spoiled brat he is. Which is a good thing, not just for him, but for his brother:


Riot finishes off whatever the lean-and-mean Puck doesn’t feel like eating, and so has gone on the Winter Pudge Warning Chart from Mild to Footstool. He’s not taking kindly to me calling himMeatwad and making not-so-veiled references to Jenny Craig.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. They look great, Athenae.
    Hey, can I get you to read something, maybe make a comment?
    I’ve been reading Larry Powell (formerly one of the few non-redmeat-GOP voices at the DMN) foryears now — since I worked at a paper in Stephenville, in fact. Several years ago the DMN had a big round of layoffs, and cut him loose. Since then he’s been running a (for Dallas) slightly left-leaning mostly animal-rescue website, In his column today he makes the case for the protection of democracy being weakened every time a paper lays off (as DMN is doing, again) investigators, reporters, editors (well, yeah; have you noticed that papers’ — and especially AP articles’!!) basic grammar and spelling are decaying almost as fast as the freepers’ logic skills? and support staff (you know — production folks). Would you have a look at today’s column?

  2. We have an all-white kitty and the look on her face is very much like Puck’s – Blanca always looks open and cheerfully curious (unlike our evil, scheming black kitty Lala, but she’s a witch kitty from NOLA).
    Blanca’s only vice is that she loves to roll in the dirt, and when the sun’s out and the street’s warm, she rolls over and over in the nasty nest of stuff that collects at the edges of our street’s storm drain. She looks most days like a stray that’s been on the street for months if not years – her collar is the only giveaway that she is owned and cared for.

  3. Damn, Ms A, does he have Addison’s Disease? The famous JFK ailment? I always have about three dogs, I say ‘about’ because, well the number changes…
    I had a rescued Great Dane that I loved more than anything, Maggie, and she was diagnosed with Addison’s. Holy crap that medicine was expensive. We gave her fourteen pills a day. The only good part is that when you open a Great Dane’s mouth, it’s like looking into the Grand Canyon…you can easily put your hand down her throat to deliver the pills.
    If it is Addison’s, I feel your pain…

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