h/t HoneyBearKelly, who owes me a box of kleenex

UPDATED, to add: Heartwarming, yes, but there’s another message here. Charles was born the same year as my parents, and like them, he’s a die-hard Democrat because of the times he lived in, and the president that made a difference in his life. FDR and his programs created generations of Democrats, people who, like my mother, worked for their party, volunteered at the polls, and passed that consciousness down to their kids and grandkids. We don’t know yet what Obama will accomplish, but if he’s even halfway successful, he has a chance to leave that same legacy to his party. Sure, the Republicans are worried about Obama giving away their “wealth,” but even more they’re scared shitless about the generations of new Democrats he’ll create.

4 thoughts on “Charles

  1. Charles, from Boulder, Colorado! I’m all of 45 miles away from Charles, and I’m tempted to drive down there just to meet him. What a charming, charming video. It’s clear all those kids just adore him.
    Turning this formerly red state BLUE!

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