Bush is no Pat Tillman

Oyster brings it…Go Read…See Pics…Perfect

3 thoughts on “Bush is no Pat Tillman

  1. I haven’t seen that picture of Bush with the Jester. I’m going to blow it up and post it on every utility pole in Seattle.
    The captions:
    “Here you have the President of the United States of America and… some dude from Crawford, Texas.”
    “Separated at birth”
    “Mirror, mirror”

  2. MapleStreet says:

    Excellent. I’m glad you pointed it out so I can see it.
    I would like to nitpick one item, though. Under the caption that one gave up being a cheerleader to defend Alabama Airspace, I would like to add, “by never showing up and working in the Northeast for his daddy’s political machine” or something similar. Don’t remember the details, but whatever the facts are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    george bush is the devil

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