4 thoughts on “RIP Studs Terkel

  1. Terkel’s politics were liberal, vintage FDR. He would never forget the many New Deal programs from the Great Depression and worried that the country suffered from “a national Alzheimer’s disease” that made government the perceived enemy. In a 1992 interview with the AP, he advocated “pressure from below, from the grass roots. That means the people who live and work in cities — that used to be called the working class, although now everyone says middle class.”

  2. Studs understood the dynamics of Class.He understood the reasons for the Social Contract- we are all interconnected. What hurts one link leads to all of us feeling the pain. He saw the realities of living.
    Though he may be gone, his genius lives on in his works.
    Rest In Peace Studs Terkel
    “Hope dies last’ was a phrase used by Jessie de la Cruz, one of the first women to work for Cesar Chavez in organizing the farm workers union.”

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