All They Have

Via TPM, this is it. They’re gonna run on the fact that this is a dude you just don’t like. You may not know why you don’t like him, it may be because he’s a Muslim, or a Christian, or a black seperatist, or not “black enough,” or he’s friends with rappers, or he wants to fuck Scarlett Johanssen, or he’s too popular, or too many people hate him, or he’s really a robot operated from within by a tiny cat creature from the planet Zyrgon. Whatever, you don’t like him. That’s the essence of their campaign:

But with the weeklong string of attacks uncorked by the Arizona senator and his people during Obama’s trip abroad and in its aftermath—some brutal, some mocking, but all personal and focused on Obama’s character—we now have an inkling of just how deep in the mud McCain and his people are willing to wallow in order to win in November: right up to their Republican eyeballs.

It really is the apotheosis of the Republican electoral playbook. Hell, even four years ago, with the “Kerry looks French” crap, it wasn’t this bad. They did in fact make an argument (a bullshit one, but still) that was about what Kerry did or failed to do. You know things have gotten out of hand when20fucking04 looks like a triumph of issue-based campaigning, but if this keeps up (which it will, because they’re actually using the argument “Obama sucks because too many people like him,” see Scout’s vid post below) we will look upon the second Bush campaign as a triumph of integrity and issue-based politicking, and that quite honestly SCARES THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME.

To remedy the “you make kitty scared” aspect of this post, here’s a happy Obama photo:


4 thoughts on “All They Have

  1. No matter what stand Obama takes, according to the Freepi it is going to be wrong. You noted the false claims against Obama (Muslim, Osama, etc.) but also the will raise taxes, will lower taxes, will raise the debt will lower the debt.
    It doesn’t matter what he says, it will be blasted as being wrong even when he is right (against the surge, for police-type action in Iraq, would talk to Ahkmadinejad). In fact, when he is right, he’ll get blasted for it, McCain will later say the same thing and paint it as McCain being right all along and Obama being wrong both then and now.
    But to me, the bull moose is when Obama is criticised for being too fit (but reporters are entranced at the Chimp bicycling?)

  2. or he wants to fuck Scarlett Johanssen
    Doesn’t everyone?
    As for Obama being The Other, I heard a painfully ignorant wacko on the radio last week saying the first thing Obama would do as President would be to pay reparations for slavery.
    Uh, dude: he couldn’t do that without Congress, and when has he ever said anything about reparations? Not to mention that his Dad was Kenyan – not from 1786 but from 1936.
    Obama he so SCAREEEEEEEE!

  3. Slim, I actually saw in the paper last night that Obama was against reparations.
    But don’t tell the Freepi. It would spoil their fun.

  4. Obama is a communist
    McCain is a maverick
    Biden is a moron
    Palin is a stunt
    Thats what it is.
    Vote 11/4/08

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