The Light Is Green, The Trap Is Clean Part 2: First Draft Election Coverage Plans

I just got confirmation that myObama rally tickets are on their way, so you’ll have me Twittering and updating from the Biggest Election Night Par-Tay ever as Mr. A’s PDA-thing allows, with pictures and full reports however I can get them back to you.

A super-duper extra-capacity Crack Van has been ordered and will be up starting at about 10 a.m. so we can chitter-chatter and make kitten noises all day, as well as stay on top of the exits and problems and such.

Everyone who has the keys is allowed/encouraged to post that day, to keep all you little crack squirrels happy.

GOTV, bitches!


9 thoughts on “The Light Is Green, The Trap Is Clean Part 2: First Draft Election Coverage Plans

  1. Hey, A, you prolly awready thunked of it, but maybe just for that day, you can put up a Twitter plug in so your Tweets show up in the sidebar here. There are many such widgets/plugins out there.
    That would, like, you know, assure one-stop shopping for all First-Draft needs.

    for many reasons, one of which is your… Ghostbuster quote, of course
    A: our ambassador to history???? YUP!

  3. OMG, that is the coolest thing ever! I’ll be out and about volunteering throughout the day (Crack Vanning whenever possible), then teaching (Crack Vanning immediately before), then off to a small party (nothing like A’s, I’m sure, except insofar as the WHHEEEEEEEE! factor goes). But I’ll be taking my laptop to the party (I know, how gauche) and I’ll make sure I can have the Crack Van up.
    Just in case any of y’all had a burning need to know my schedule. Gawd, my blood pressure has to be at an all time high. Good thing I’m usually really low.

  4. I’m hearing it’s going to be insanity, what with Obama’s people politely suggesting that you stay home if you don’t have a ticket and the mayor saying Hellyeah, everybody get out here!. By way of saying, anyone who heads out to Grant Park, ticketed or non, be careful out there.

  5. i was half an inch from booking a train ride to chitown for the party.
    but then i realized that my past-50 lardishness would not fare very well outside overnight.
    tonight i am staying home to phonebank online with obama’s excellent GOTV platform.
    tomorrow, after i get home from voting, i am baking a cake and heading over to the “people’s office for obama” where i’ve been phonebanking to watch the electoral college countdown.
    be safe, all. and happy voting.

  6. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crack van is coming… the Crack Van is coming!!!!
    See all you cool cats tomorrow in the Van!

  7. Just for old-time(rs) sake, see if you can get a cheer going of “The whole world’s watching/cheering!”

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