Yes We Can

Views from Madison WI on election eve:

These signs are on poles all around my neighborhood



Line of early voters which snaked throughout the halls 




Kitty for Obama:




Look up:


An Obama office recently opened in my neighborhood which is where I am headed now to volunteer:


First Drafters—If you want to send me pics from your neighborhood or city I will post them.

Email to: scoutprime at

4 thoughts on “Yes We Can

  1. I have three of those big round VOTE clings in my car. I fear I’ll get pulled over for having obstructed vision, though I think it’s really okay. But thanks to Mr. BuggyQ and our local Democratic headquarters, I’m a rolling Obama sign!

  2. I’ll maybe try tomorrow to take a few pictures–now that we’re back on standard time I’ll be getting home from work after dark.
    There are actually a few Obama-Biden signs around here and there (I mentioned this in a comment threat to a post you wrote the other day.)
    Haven’t early voted, but will do so tomorrow–I get a day off work (yes!), and the polling place is less than a block away.

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