Column: At Least He’s No Longer Putting People to Sleep


Maybe it’s understandable.

I mean, by this point in the Obama-McCain presidential campaign, which feels like it has been going on since 1994, everybody’s a little tired.

And bored.

And frustrated.

And longing for something new.

Anything new, really.

It’s why so-called “gaffes” make news: The reporters covering the rallies have heard the same speech 100 times; should Joe Biden seemingly forget his own running mate’s name (oh, Joey) or Barack Obama accidentally add a few states to the 50 in which he already plans to campaign, at least it’s something they haven’t heard before.

Viewed through the prism of press, pundits, candidates and voters who are just grinding their way to the finish now, with less than 40 days to go until the election, John McCain’s wild assertion that he needed to race back to Washington, D.C., and personally negotiate a solution to the nation’s financial crisis might have just been an attempt to alleviate the boredom.

Certainly there’s no other excuse that makes sense.


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  1. Hee! I see a new tagline: “John McCain: Defying Credulity For Thirty Years!”

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