Election Day Crack Van

Enjoy, kids. This is our specially purchased 250-person full-service Van, with room for as much HAMS as you can carry. Try not to vomit on the carpet. We’ve got to have it back tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be around most of the day, off and on, with room for voting and leaving for the rally around 6 or so. Scout will be your driver this evening.

Posts in the van belong to their posters. New posts begin below this one and with like 700 of us posting today there will be a LOT of new stuff, so check underneath often.

Update: Van closed. Thank you for all being here for history.


2 thoughts on “Election Day Crack Van

  1. Scout, I need help. I tried to enter the chat room as user “lex”. I got asked for a password. I’ve been in the crack van before, and I don’t recall being asked for a password. What is the password and/or what am I doing wrong? Thx.

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