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When you wish upon a jar…

It’s getting to be that time of year for kids to start looking at wish books. If they still do that. Hell, I don’t know what kids do. But the point is this–it’s wishing time. And, as adults, we have things to wish for from the next administration. Here are a few of mine (some of which have very low orders of probability, I know):

  • End the Iraq War; seriously change our approach to Afghanistan
  • Get serious about renewable energy
  • Statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C.
  • Repeal fuckingPublic Law 62-5, and expand the size of the House of Representatives
  • Seriously scale back the DoD’s share of the budget
  • Get rid of DOMA, promote marriage equality
  • Tax the piss out of churches who stick their noses into politics
  • Infrastructure investment
  • And, of course, health care for all

This list isn’t exhaustive, of course, but I don’t want to take up the entire front page with a bulleted wish list.

Okay, I do, but Athenae and Scout would beat me. And I’m still healing up after the last one.

What are you wishing for? Let us know in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. As someone outside the US, hoping that Protectionism will NOT in fact be part of the new administration’s economic and tax policy. I can well see the attraction of it for many Americans, but the knock-on for the rest of the world could be catastrophic. Use your still very considerable economic power wisely, please.

  2. I want to see some kind of standards set for “News” programs vs. “Opinion” programming, just we have with other marketing and advertising areas. Candy companies can’t call it “chocolate” unless it has a certain percentage or cacao; manufacturers can’t make claims on the packaging unless they have documentation to justify it; commercials get slammed all the time for misleading or falsified claims.
    Now, I’m not proposing a speech restriction here. I’m just saying that news is a product, like chocolate or diet pills. If it doesn’t have a minimum percentage of, you know, facts or something, or if the producers can’t back up their claims with some kind of documentation, they can’t market it as “news”.

  3. my wish is that president-elect obama’s first act is to close guantanamo and release the prisoners who have already been cleared with an apology, financial compensation and a green card if they want one.

  4. i’m with you on that, dorothy — plus i would add that reporters be required to report stuff they find out about candidates for high office that they learn BEFORE THE ELECTION, like, say, that palin didn’t know that africa is not a country or what countries are signatories to NAFTA …

  5. After the obvious ones (Iraq, Afghanistan [just get the hell out of both]) and a myriad other pressing issues (Gaza, anyone???), please fire the entire Transportation “Safety” Agency or whatever they call themselves, reduce the ludicrous (and US-harming) visa/entry requirements (who wants to visit the US anymore?), and return basic civil rights to travellers (no laptop seizures). Thank you.

  6. Am I the only one who’s kind of relieved Obama’s picking some former Clintonistas to run his stuff? I mean, yeah, yawn for the most part, worry they’ll be appeasers to Republicans somewhat, but also, they know how stuff works. He won’t repeat the Clinton mistake of bringing in new people who’ll get kneecapped by Republicans which was, ironically, the line on him FROM the Clinton campaign.
    It’s all about his leadership; staff will do what HE tells them to do. If he tells them to go out and get him a repeal of DOMA or close Gitmo, they’ll do it. I don’t intend to assign any blame for any failures on staff; he’s in charge.

  7. 1) Shut down Gitmo
    2) Phased withdrawal from Iraq, start June 2009, complete end of 2010
    3) Single-payer health care, a la Physicians National Healthcare Program (www.pnhp.org)
    4) WPA-style infrastructure reconstruction jobs program nationwide
    5) Repeal Bush-era tax cuts
    6) Allow underwater homeowners (home worth less than mortgage balance) to refinance homes at current appraisal value without penalty
    7) Announce national initiative for energy independence (see: JFK’s moon landing speech)
    8) Open new talks between Israel and Palestine to create independent Palestinian state
    9) Open new “21st Century Detente” talks with Russia
    10) Tax the hell out of corporations that move jobs overseas
    That ought to be enough to keep ’em busy for a year or two. (LOL)

  8. First, and by far foremost in my mind: Electoral reform. A national voter registry. Redistricting reform–no more ridiculously gerrymandered districts, no more safe districts. Get rid of HAVA and actually get some voter rights laws that are a) smart and b) have teeth. Heavier penalties for voter suppression and intimidation. Require every state to have early voting.
    Then everything everybody else noted, plus:
    Re-fucking-regulate the financial and energy industries. Repeal damn near everything Phil Gramm ever put his name to.

  9. Reestablish our national standing in the world as a champion of civil rights, fairness, openess, and honesty in our dealings with other nations.

  10. As soon as the Puerto Ricans decide exactly what it is they want (statehood, continuing as commonwealth, independence) then I think we should give them exactly that. So far the problem (AFAIK) is that there isn’t much unanimity on what they *want*, which makes it really hard to give.
    Now that Castro is out of power, I suggest we start moving toward normal relations with Cuba. They’ll have to clean up some old business with nationalized properties and human rights (like WE do too, now), but in return we should offer them a MLB expansion team.

  11. Reinstate the IFR project:
    Contrary to popular opinion, nuclear power is not evil, we just don’t have the technology to use it effeciently and effectively. And we never will be able to utilize it unless we are able to research and create the technology to make it effective and safe. It is possible to create breeder reactors that would be able to utilize existing waste from existing reactors for energy; the resulting byproducts would be significantly fewer and have far shorter hazard durations than current reactor byproducts.
    But without the research, we will never be able to utilize this energy source potential.

  12. 1. Close US military bases overseas where they have no right to be. There is no reason why the US should be operating bases in, say, Germany and Japan these days. There are 737 of them;close them.
    2. Start participating fully in international organisations again. Fire John Bolton (from a cannon at a brick wall), and start paying attention to the international community again.
    3. Start treating your international neighbours like, well, we have to live here too.
    4. Stop meddling in other countries’ domestic policy. No more fucking “regime changes.” No more attempted coups. No more even grumbling and cajoling and whining about countries passing laws or doing things domestically that you don’t happen to like. Canada passes a law legalising marijuana? Hugo Chavez pisses you off again? Tough shit. Deal with it on your own side of the border. Dictator you don’t like and want to take out? Take it to the UN and table it like civilised folks. You need to learn to respect other countries’ right to self-determination, basically.
    5. Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible. We’ll send bluehelmets and civil reconstruction experts, if you can just stop the damn wars.
    6. Disarm your patrol boats in the Great Lakes, for the love of squid.
    7. Start recognising other countries’ rights to water where you share watersheds.
    8. End the two cold trade wars you have going with Canadaright now.
    9. Repeal NAFTA.
    10. Reregulate your financial system.
    11. Get over yourselves. American exceptionalism needs to go. Seriously. You’re never going to stop making people in the rest of the world miserable until you stop believing that you’re so spayshul you’re entitled to just do whatever you want and take whatever you want from anyone.

  13. Sure, Interrobang.
    Like we’re gonna listen to Canadian wishes. Take ’em to Santa–he’s squatting on your territory, anyway. 🙂

  14. marceaumarceau, my dad worked on nuclear power plants all over the country during the 1980s (doing the final punchlist before the plant goes on line, so he was seeing 99% completed plants) and the construction was badly managed, across the board. lots of “drug testing” but people showing up at work drunk was ignored.
    i’m happy to let people do stuff as long as there are strong enough rules in place that we don’t have “accidents.” the greater the potential harm, regardless of how “unlikely” an event might be predicted to be, the greater responsibility for eliminating risk of harm.
    i agree that there is potential in nuclear energy but it requires adult supervision. maybe we’ll have it now for long enough to get something going safely.

  15. Athenae, I’m with you. I’m fine with a few Clintonistas. He won’t take any crap off any one and he also is smart enough to choose smart people to work with him. It’s definitely better than surrounding yourself with a bunch of yes-people and fucking up the country royally. Plus, it’ll give the Repubs something to bitch about.
    This man has an enormous mess to clean up. He needs some experienced people to help him get started while he’s learning the ins and outs of being a President. It’s invaluable to have someone with you that’s worked in the White House before.
    I couldn’t figure out how to make my URL a link in my last post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he’s set up a transition website and has a place to APPLY FOR A JOB as well as a place to SUBMIT SUGGESTIONS. It’s such a change from Bushland it almost makes my head hurt.
    I have much Hope.

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